Becoming a good street fighter


Becoming a good street fighter
Original Poster: Rhavin
Forum: Ask Sensei
Posted On: 14-11-2005, 19:38

Orginal Post: Rhavin: Brief story of my life, i’ve been doing martial arts since i was 5 (i’m now 18). I realize that those first 7-10 years dont really count for much either, but i used to do all the competing stuff and am now purely focused on learning for practical uses. I’ve taken some krav maga, boxing, judo, muay tai and some shorin-ryu karate but i still dont feel confident in my abilities. I’m also in the military and am already in good shape and have been through some Marine Corps H2H combat training (very basic tho). I know this might be a hard question to address, but what training/styles/books/workouts/anything would you recommend for pure practicality purposes of actually being useful in a serious fight? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Post: Sensei S. Hilaire:

If you are still in the Marines – and can continue with the Marine martial arts system – I would. It has a very sound H2H base. If you do not have that opportunity – I would try to find a jujitsu, mma, or judo school. Just make sure you are careful if you have to maintain operational readiness. You dont want to get hurt and then be non-deployable when a mission comes along.>


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