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question about diff. martial arts


question about diff. martial arts
Original Poster: lbcpinoy
Forum: Ask Sensei
Posted On: 19-12-2005, 14:58

Orginal Post: lbcpinoy: Hey there, Sensei. I have a few questions regarding diff. MA disciplines: (1) Which is more versatile in a street situation: Aikido, BJJ (as long as it focuses on the self defense aspects), or Japanese Jujitsu? and (2) Is Wing Chun Kung Fu effective in a self defense situation or street fight? How versatile is it?

Post: Sensei S. Hilaire:

Aikido done correctly can be good for arrest and restraint. I have also seen it used well in self defense, but the person using it was pretty big. Many good weapon defenses are based on Aikijutsu – the forerunner of Aikido. BJJ, when focused on Self Defense is no different from Japanese JJ. They are both very versitile on the street, if the training environment on which they are learned lends itself toward what really happens on the street. I do not have experience with Wing Chun – but understand it has some tough hand techniques.>


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