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Zui Quan


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Zui Quan
Original Poster: Haas
Forum: Ask Sensei
Posted On: 23-05-2006, 00:14

Orginal Post: Haas: have you ever seen any real effective use of Zui Quan as far as sparing ?

thanks for your time

Post: Sensei S. Hilaire:

I have to say No – I have not seen the Drunken Boxing style of Kung Fu used in a no rules sparring type match. I am sure in Kung fu circles it is probably used – however I understand it is one of the last styles of Kung fu a student would learn as it takes alot of coordination and flexibility to be able to do the forms. Of course – in the back streets of China – there may be masters of this style who are devestating – but we have just never heard of them.>

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