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Exercises with a broken limb?


Exercises with a broken limb?
Original Poster: zefff
Forum: Bodyweight Exercises
Posted On: 03-02-2007, 19:57

Orginal Post: zefff: I have a fractured wrist and am sick of one arm pushups and one arm squat-thrusts. My right side from the neck down cant take no more! :roll:

I am working both legs too plus working the bags with one good hand and going to regular classes but is there any exercises I can do with my left side that will work my left-side upper body and maybe upper-limb without straining the wrists healing process?

thank you for any suggestions.

Post: bamboo:

I know this exercise where you take the good hand and then …. oh wait, never mind…..>

Post: zefff:

Buiken maybe but not Bamboo :roll:>

Post: bamboo:

It was a long day…

In all seriousness, take this time and see if you can find a yoga class that does core exercises. Your hand is safe but the rest of your body gets a beautiful stretch and a fantastic, slow workout.


Post: dscott:

I have an idea…….rest. What’s wrong with a little time off to let your body heal. Do some cardio so that you don’t get too out of shape but overall you should rest.>

Post: angryrocker4:

Rest, and drink a beer. And then when you’re healed, drink a beer and go back to the normal routine.>

Post: Gazelle:

Just a beer? :)


Post: hara_12:

You could do scapula work. In a push up position, put your forearms on the ground instead of your hands and pinch your shoulder blades together and pull them apart. This should save your wrist and still strengthen your shoulder and core.

btw…there is ~11% carry over in strength from your left to right side. So if you strengthen your good side, your broken side will still get some, although small, improvements.>

Post: Gazelle:

[quote=hara_12 btw…there is ~11% carry over in strength from your left to right side. So if you strengthen your good side, your broken side will still get some, although small, improvements.[/quote 

Really? That’s interesting.

By the way, as good as the post was, you might like to keep an eye on the date of the last post, with relation to the topic…given that the last post on it was made nearly a year ago, i’m guessing his arm would be healed by now, or, at least, i certainly hope so.>

Post: hara_12:

Even though his arm is probably healed…there might just be more than one person sulking at the computer waiting to heal from an arm injury. :lol:

In any event, I posted it and you read it. Can’t be all bad.>

Post: Gazelle:

I never said it was bad, quite the opposite, i believe:).

I’m just pointing out the fact that it may be a bit belated for this particular person. Indeed there might be someone skulking in the shadows with a broken arm, but, i figured they’ll probably be more likely to post the same question, anyhow, if they haven’t been round to recall this one. But, indeed, it is better safe than sorry, to use the famous saying.:) I was just making a point, nothing more:)>

Post: hara_12:

As you can see, I think this is my 7th post, thanks for the advise. I will check it more in the future. :oops:>

Post: Gazelle:

It’s fine, I wasn’t getting at you.:)>


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