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BJJ ghost crucifix – sick counter to sweep


crucifixo fantasma – ghost crucifix
This is an amazing and effective counter to a very common sweep in BJJ. In the video instructor Mirza (blue and white Gi) is in the guard of his opponent Moe (black Gi). Mirza stands up to open Moe’s guard while his opponent tries to sweep by hooking one ankle and maneuvering his weight over Mirza’s isolated left leg. Mirza counters by bending his knee inwards and immobilizing Moe’s hips, prompting Moe to twist over and land in turtle while still hooking an ankle. If Mirza does not react in time from here Moe will posture up and pull Mirza’s ankle out from under him and sweeping to a top position. Instead Mirza sits back over Moe falling to the other side using the hooked ankle to his advantage to pull Moe over and into a crucifix position, putting Mirza in a superior position to start looking for a submission. In this case a collar choke finish.

Zaid Mirza is a brown belt under Cassio Werneck, he was the first to introduce the art to Jordan and currently leads a successful team with multiple victories in the region. Moe Bilbeisi is young and extremely promising blue belt under Mirza.
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