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Sweep and submission from the close guard with lapel


Felipe Costa shows swep and submission from the close guard with lapel

Personal Training Program is a method developed to rapidly improve the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu technique, maintaining the great quality always performed by our Black Belts. Your team will have the opportunity to train with the best BJJ teachers and competitors in the World, right in your gym!!

The program is based on a minimum of one week training, with personalized classes (performed in English, Spanish or Portuguese) where students and instructors will have their games closely watched, and therefore highly improved. Private Sessions may also be included.

It is not a regular class, but a unique experience when all participants receive full attention and will be able to “roll” with the Black Belt. During the class time our Black Belt will be able to critique your style and work on improving your game while correcting your weak points. This method has already been tested in various countries and the results have been tremendous.

Where? When? How Long?

The Program will be right in your city, wherever it’s located, only subjected to a previous schedule and a minimum duration of one week. All you need to do is give us a call (55 21 9404 4567 or send an email (, and we will coordinate the best date for you.

We are also available for seminars. Our black belts are highly experienced on this matter and are considered some of the best. We hide no secrets and show material that is useful and practical for you to do in your daily trainings and tournaments. All questions will be answered and we will not leave the mat before everyone is satisfied.

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