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Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu – Hung Gar Pole


Here’s the Hung Gar Pole from the Hung Gar / Hung Kuen System. I was taught the set at my school using the 6′ solid hardwood pole. The one in this particular piece of footage also has dragon and phoenix designs carved into it for better grip. The set isn’t a long set but I wouldn’t say it was too short either. It’s a good set with some good applications and basics as well as being a good set for doing indoors as part of a demo. More weapon form and empty hand form vids to come. It may not be for a bit as winter is approaching and I guess vids can look better in better weather as well as being perhaps better and easier to do in dry, still and warmer conditions as well as not catching any colds or flu!

One more thing. All comments are welcome but I’d appreciate it if any negative comments or criticisms were of a constructive nature. If you say something back it up as to why and if poss say how it could be improved. Also it is sometimes only your opinion, whether it’s true or not. My forms are v average especially on YouTube where there are many excellent, talented and literally world class Martial Artists. My forms aren’t perfect and there are a few mistakes but it took me a bit to get what I thought was a good enough cut. Please bear all this in mind. Peace out.
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