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Sifu Sharif Bey Perform Yau Kiu -Soft Bridge


YAU KIU-Soft Bridge
The second bridge of Hung Ga’s 12 Bridges (Sup Yee Ji Kiu Sau), Yau Kiu trains the movement of the power from the inside (dantien) to the extremities of the bridge and hand.
Meaning light and slow, the hand bridge hides the internal ging while pushing the power out slowly. Yau Kiu trains the internal ging of the back arm, forearm, palm and finger, making the internal power very “thick.”

For martial art heads that may be interested:

Sifu Sharif Bey, head instructor of the Central New York Branch of Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Association, is a senior inner door disciple of Master Frank Yee Chee Wai of Toisan, Guandong Provice, People’s Republic of China, Fourth Generation from the famous Chinese folk hero, Wong Fei Hung. Beginning his martial training at age 5, and having studied Wing Chun, Hok Chan Kuntao (Reeders Lineage), and Lam Sai Wing Hung Ga, Mr. Bey has devoted himself to practicing, teaching, and preserving the traditional Tang Fong lineage of Hung Ga Kuen.

This video shares the secrets of Ging, or live explosive power. Sifu Bey demonstrates and explains what Ging is, how to develop it, and how you can use it to add even more power to the techniques you already know.

Topics Include:
5 types of Ging
Using the stance to generate power
Bridge Development
Inch Power
Hard and Soft bridge drills for power and sensitivity. Go to this link:
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