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MMA and Street Fighting Techniques and Tactics from Top UFC Fighters


UFC Fighter – MMA and Street Fighting Techniques and Tactics

These are a compilation of techniques from top UFC Fighters such as Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Shonie Carter, Joe Lauzon and WEC Champion Razor Rob McCullough. These techniques are essential for MMA and can also be used effectively in a street combat situation. All techniqes shown are high percentage MMA and Street Fighting Techniques.

Chuck Liddell MMA Striking Techniques

Striking with Underhooks

Having an overhook / underhook is a very common grappling, MMA and street fighting position. Almost ALL fights end up in the grappling range and this video shows you how to execute some great strikes and attacks from the over/under position.

Muay Thai Clinch for MMA

In this video Chuck Liddell shows you how to obtain and use the Muay Thai Clinch for Mixed Martial Arts Combat. The Muay Thai clinch is also very effective in a street combat situation. You can deliver powerful elbows and kness, as well as direct their body very easily. The only concern would be if they have a weapon available to them such as a knife. Since the opponent’s arms are still free, they would be able to grab a knife if they have one.

Kicking for Mixed Martial Arts

Kicks can be a devestating weapon in MMA and in the street. When in a street combat situation, you rarely want to kick above the waist, especially if you are not accustomed to kicking to the head or kicking high. But that does not mean you cannot employ kicking techniques in a street situation. Chuck Liddell goes over his strategy and kicking techniques for Mixed Martial Arts Fighting.

Chuck Liddell’s Tools of the Trade for Kicks

This Kicking for MMA and Street Fighting video highlights some Chuck Liddell’s Tools of the Trade for Kicking for Real Combat

Chuck Liddell Ground and Pound Striking Drills

Ground and Pound for MMA Fighting is a very popular topic. Many people think that is not a “skill”, just instinct; when actually utilizing ground and pound effectively takes work and drills. This video shows ways to train Ground and Pound fighting tactics.

Chuck Liddell Defense from Strikes on the Bottom

No one ever wants to get caught on the bottom taking damage either in a MMA Fight or Street Fight. Chuck Liddell shows you some ways you can defend yourself against strikes from the top.

Joe Lauzon Boxing For MMA Techniques

Boxing for MMA – Uppercut in MMA.

The uppercut is one of the most powerful and devasating punches in Mixed Martial Arts. It is a very effective punch when you are dirty boxing or in the clinch position. Learn this punch and it can quickly change your MMA fight game as well as help defend yourself in a street fight situation.

Striking for Takedowns

If you’re like me, you would rather not stand up and strike with your opponent. You’d like to take them down and either damage them during the takedown or finish them quickly on the ground. That philosophy is true whether I am in an MMA situation or Street Fight Situation. In this video Joe Lauzon and his brother Dan Lauzon discuss the philosophy and strategy about striking for takedowns.

Striking from Top Guard Position

If you face an opponent who is comfortable fighting off their back in the guard position, this video will be a great tool. Joe Lauzon shows you how to effectively strike from the top guard position.

Tito Ortiz Ultimate Fighting Techniques

Striking from the Bottom Guard Position

Former UFC Champion Tito Ortiz shows you how to strike and damage your opponent from the bottom guard position. Tito utilizes one of my favorite guard defense positions, the scissor guard or cross guard.

Shonie Carter – MMA and Street Boxing Techniques

Defense and Drills from MMA Boxing

Shonie Carter shows you how to defend against common punches and attacks in a MMA or Street Fight. Included are drills how to improve your defense against strikes.

Rob McCullough – Muay Thai for MMA Striking Techniques

Devestating Muay Thai Elbows

Learn to use one or two of the most devestating weapons your body has to offer – your elbows. Great for disabling an opponent in a street fight or beating one dowin in a MMA Fight.

Strikes with Punches and Elbows

Use both punches and elbows together in this video by Rob McCullough.

Knees from the Muay Thai Clinch

Knee strikes from the Thai Clinch are effective in MMA and in the street. You can deliver powerful blows to the body and head with ease.


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