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The Overhook in Guard for Jiu-Jitsu and MMA


I wanted to share with you one of my favorite attacking positions in Guard and Half Guard: The Overhook. I use this a lot in no-gi grappling, jiu-jitsu, self-defense and MMA Training. Attacking with the overhook has completely changed my grappling game and approach to fighting in guard. I’ve found great success with it in all areas of combat. My students and training partners use it very effectively as well. Pro-MMA Fighter and dominating submission grappler Oz Pariser – who is also one of my assistant instructors at my school (Kobukai Ju-Jitsu / Best Way Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Cromwell) has been destroying people for years using the overhook. It’s become such a pain that half the time we’re fighting, I’m trying to defend against him getting the overhook!

What I want share with you is a variety of techniques that have helped mold my views and grappling principles into using the overhook effectively.

First is Luigi Mondelli (my BJJ instructor). Luigi teaches "The Hold Down Position" ««« ( link) for Jiu-Jitsu, No-Grappling, and MMA defense. From the bottom guard, the hold down position is one of the best defensive (can’t get hit) and offensive (many different attacks).
The Hold Down Position attacks by Luigi Mondelli Video

Second is Helio Soneca. Recenetly I purchased a No-Gi half guard DVD by Helio "Soneca" Moreira.««« ( link) I never knew much about Soneca, but his DVD looked interesting. I quickly became one of those hidden gems of a DVD that opened my mind to new thoughts and pathways in jiu-jitsu. Helio also attacks with the overhook from half-guard using the knee-shield setup. This litterally has changed my game. In this email you can see some of the progressions for the Omoplata in half-guard.
Helio "Soneca" Omoplata from Half Guard Video

Third is Eddie Bravo. I’m definitely not die hard Bravo fan, but his attacks using the overhook in rubber guard have been very effective for people. Oz uses the Rubber Guard extremely well. Eddie Bravo has made the overhook very dominating with his series on the Rubber Guard DVD Series.««« ( link) When in Rubber Guard, the overhook allows you to setup many different attacks.
Eddie Bravo discussing the importance of the Overhook Video

Below you’ll see some screenshots and video sequences showing an attack sequence for the Omoplata in Half Guard.

Omoplata from Knee Shield #1

Step 1:
Establish the Knee-Shield from Half Guard.

  • Left knee in opponent’s hip
  • Right hand on opposite shoulder
  • Left hand crossface
Omoplata from Knee Shield #1

Step 2:
Trap Arm for attack

  • Open your legs
  • Bring left leg on top of body
  • Bring right knee underneath his chin
  • Pinch knees together
Omoplata from Knee Shield #1

Step 3:
Throw your foot over his face

  • Capture your foot with your right hand
  • Place foot under his chin
Omoplata from Knee Shield #1

Step 4:
Situp for Omoplata

  • Turn into him
  • Place left hand on his back
Omoplata from Knee Shield #1

Step 5:
Finish Omoplata

  • Switch your hips
  • Drive to his opposite Shoulder
Omoplata from Knee Shield #1

Step 5:
Finish Omoplata

View the video

View the DVD Series:
No-Gi half guard DVD by Helio “Soneca” Moreira

Omoplata from Knee Shield by Helio Soneca

from No-Gi half guard DVD by Helio “Soneca” Moreira

MMA Hold Down Position to Triangle Choke at The Pit Seminar

In this seminar video at "The Pit" Luigi Mondelli describes how to get the hold down position, the importance of the defense and how to quickly setup the triangle choke. For more videos check out

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Importance of the Overhook by Eddie Bravo

Check out Eddie Bravo’s Rubber Guard series for more videos and details on the overhook, half-guard, butterfly guard and of course – "The Rubber Guard"


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