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  1. Hello FA

    My name is (Sergeant First Class) SFC Chano Peek. I am in the Army, been in for 15 years now. My unit is 2-504 PIR, 82nd Airborne DIV. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. This is my 5th deployment my 3rd time to Afghanistan, all with the 82nd. My job in the Army is 13F (Forward Observer). I have 33 Paratroopers that I’m in charge of from privet to captain. I would like to know it you company would like the chance to help with the moral of some Paratroopers. We have an issue here. What we call a gym is totally not cool. But we do call it our gym. We do not have good equipment to handle the amount of people at our small base. It would be great if your company could provide us with some new or used equipment so that we can broaden our workout exercises. The main things we need are dumbbells and plates 45lb and under we don’t have any. I totally get the it may be a weight issue to get items to us but I only ask that you try, right now anything is better than what we are using now. I have attached a pic of the gym we call home. So it your company decides to help us out that would be so cool. My contact information is as follows.


    Mailing address

    SFC Peek, Chano

    HHC 2/504 PIR, 1ST BCT, 82ABN


    APO AE 09323

    P.S. could you please contact me so that I know that you received that request?

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