Shotokan Karate


Here’s a video of me performing some different basic moves in Shotokan Karate.

1) Stepping forward Face Punch, Reverse Stomach Punch, Stomach Punch.

2) Stepping forward Reverse Stomach Punch, Face Punch, Reverse Stomach Punch.

3) Stepping back Rising Block, Downward Block, Reverse Punch.

4) Stepping forward Outside to Inside Block, Shifting Elbow Strike, Backhand, Reverse Punch.

5) Stepping Forward Inside to Outside Block, Face Punch, Front Snap Kick.

6) Stepping Back Knife Hand Block, Front Snap Kick with Front Leg, Spear Hand Strike.

7) Stepping Forward Front Snap Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Reverse Punch.

8) Stepping Forward Front Snap Kick, Side Thrust Kick, Reverse Punch.

9) Side Stepping Side Snap Kick, Leg Switch into Side Thrust Kick.

10) Stepping Forward Roundhouse Kick, Turning into Spinning Back Thrust Kick.

11) Using only a Reverse Punch, Follow the Pen, 12 Times, Without Touching it.


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