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Close Combat. Standing Defense. Ch.1


Another sight on modern Army FM 3-25.150 (Ch.8, Sec. I and II) and Marines MCRP 3-02 (ChCh. 2, 6 and 8).
Standup Encounter Tecniques: unarmed defense against grasps, hugs and headlocks. Firearm Disarmament Techniques.

During a development of the close combat scenario, an opponent may apply a choke or hold on a serviceman. If the opponent correctly applies a choke, a serviceman quickly loses condciousness. If a choke isn’t executed properly, it results in a hold, for ex., a bear hug or a headlock. It is important for servicemen to extract themselves from holds and chokes, regain the tactical advantage and counter with strikes, throws or takedowns and compliance techniques or end the fight.

The main goal of any disarmament techniques is to gain control of the opponent’s weapon. Another goal is to regain control of the situation so servicemen gain the tactical advantage.

Regardless of the type of hand-held weapon, grips or angle of attack the following principles apply to countering the attack with a hand-held weapon:
– move out of the line of attack or shoot: movement and ROTATING THE TORSO!;
– block the opponent’s attack and execute yourown counterattack at the same time;
Next techniques can be used to counter any armed attack: forward armbar counter, reverse armbar counter, bent armbar counter, joint manipulations and retention techniques.



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