Dog Brothers: WARNING: Stick fighting IS Dangerous…


When I was first editing, about 5 years back, I was tapped by some producers working with Dreamworks about heading up this Full Contact Stick Fighting series with the Dog Brothers, a group of martial artists who test their weapons skills to the max. Dreamworks was interested in developing the stick fighting into a form of aerobics, including sticks to sell and everything. I was in charge of this project and when Dreamworks fired the guy in charge of our project and they walked away, Marc Denny talked to me about finishing the project with them. It was a difficult editing situation. Marc was worried someone was going to steal all his footage so I had to cut out of his house in his garage office. Let me tell you, cutting while sitting on an exercise ball with his little boy playing behind me and Marc doing phone work next to me, not the most ideal situation. for working. But I felt I did solid work. His folks were impressed with my cut, but Marc’s a micromanager and this project never was finished. It’s too bad. This was a great video project with a great group of people. If you haven’t been to dogbrothers, you need to get over there and check it out. It’s some of my early editing work but I’m still proud of it.
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