Light Cardio Workout With Arnis Basotn and Numchuck


Keeping a workout interesting and at a level of beneficial resistance can be challenging. A cardio workout should be 15-30 min or more.

As a person with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) I have found that exercise and meditation are very important element of calming the mind. To make the time I spend meditating more physically stimulating I have integrated elements of my diverse martial arts background into a free form of Tai Chi like movements. I also have various methods using movement and concepts from Yoga and Palaties as well.

Although I have no formal background in Modern Arnis, I do have a strong understanding of body mechanics, fitness, and interval training. These elements combined with many years of martial arts training has allowed me to become familiar with basic movements.

I have studied: Kajukenbo, Aikido, Tai Chi,Chinese Lion Dance, Wushu, Sanshou, and Kickboxing (more)
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