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Mendoza Martial Arts & Training Team


This is our 1st performance as a team for the Surrey Parks and Recreations celebration for the 2010 Olympics.

Demo Team:

Naseem Bains
Anjelo Viloria
Terrence Viloria
Guro Randy Codizal
Punong Guro Oneal Mendoza

Song #1: “Everything” -Stereo MC’S
Song #2 “Renegades of Funk” -Rage Against the Machine

Mendoza Martial Arts & Training will now be holding classes in both Fraser Heights Rec Center and the Guildford Rec Center. This will be our chance to promote the arts and to help others in our community to become active leaders and positive role models. The next step is to introduce our classes in Burnaby, B.C.

Mendoza Martial Arts & Training was founded by brothers Oneal Mendoza and Ryan Mendoza. The system and styles are a combination of several Filipino Martial Arts. Students are also introduced to a wholistic approach training in heart yoga, smile meditation, and tai chi kung.

Our Mendoza Combatfit Training System is a fast paced and challenging workout, utilizing a traditional and eclectic approach to cardiovascular and conditioning training

We hope to see you soon and looking forward to training with you all.

Punong Guro Oneal Mendoza
Mendoza Martial Arts & Training
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