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Safety First Personal Protection Strategies

Personal Protection Strategies That Make Sense
Safety First is committed to helping people of all ages learn personal protection and self-defense strategies that work.

Modern Arnis:
This martial art has its roots in the Philippines Islands and was made popular in the United States and internationally, by the late Remy Presas Sr.

Incorporating weapons training initially, arnis then graduates to a myriad of hand-to-hand applications. With the continuation of the art by the family, especially under the guidance of Dr Remy Presas Jr, Modern Arnis continues to evolve and to stay ahead of its time.

SF:PPS also offers courses in:
Isshinryu Karate
Taught in the traditional style as introduced by Sensei Steve Armstrong to the Pacific Northwest back in the 1970s.

The Isshinryu style was conceived by Master Tatsu Shimabuku, from a mix of several original styles (in which he was extremely proficient) and his own specialized techniques.

Courage Quest: (As a graduate of this program, I absolutly loved it. I would, and do, highly recommend it to anyone)
-A one day self defense seminar for the general public
-Scenario based Adrenal Response training
-No prerequisite required
-Covers all basic unarmed attacks

Located in Tacoma, WA, in University Place. Please visit our website for more info and contact info:

NOTE: I made this for my sensei. The intro and ending screens are both done in 3D with editing in photoshop. video editing was done in Pinnacle.

I have to say, this is a great dojo, with fantastic instructors, and many years of experiance under their belts. In my opinion, it’s hard to find such a large quality group of martial artists.
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