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Seminar in London, Ryukyu Kempo 2005


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Our sensei Borut Kincl and Slavko Brezovnik; Ryukyu Kempo Slovenia; demonstrating some basic techniques at Dillman´s seminar in London 25.-27. november 2005.
Borut is showing applications from kata naihanchi and kata seiuchin.

In background there are:
George Dillman 9.DAN
Leon Jay 10. DAN SSJJ, 8.DAN RKK
Ken Smith 10. DAN Modern Arnis, 6. DAN Isshin ryu karate
Paul Bowman 8. DAN RKK
Will Higginbotham 8. DAN RKK, 3. DAN Modern arnis, SSJJ
Matt Brown 7.DAN RKK, Tang soo do
Jean Paul Bindel 7.DAN RKK, Yoseikan Budo, Okinawa Kobudo,…
Keith Gray 5.DAN RKK
Michael 4. DAN RKK, trainer of MA in SAS
and others.
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