Warrior Combatives 5-Day Course

Warrior Combatives 5-Day Course

Techniques That Work

These self-defense and reality combat techniques are proven and tested in combat. We teach these Reality Combat techniques to police officer, military, grapplers, MMA fighters, and everday Joes. These techniques are the ones we use daily and trust in their effectiveness

No Complicated Movements

There are no complicated movements or skills you need to learn. These Reality Combat figthing techniques are based upon simplicity, but are highly, highly effective. You'll be amazed at how easy they are to perform and use in combat.

Learn Simple "Tools" to Use

I will provide you simple "tools" to use against any opponent, and a variety of attacks. These tools keep you safe and allow you to setup and easily execute your Reality Combat techniques against an helpless opponent

Use for: Street, Mats or Cage

These aren't some made up techniques that "might" work - these techniques are used by the Military, SWAT, Police Officers, Sport Grapplers, and MMA fighters. They are the most effective techniques to use in any scenario.

Looking for more?

The Warrior Combatives Crash Course - Gain the Confidence to Defend Yourelf, Your Family and Loved Ones..

  • Matt, The beauty of your stuff is the simplicity! I will actively pass on your site to others. It's great to see the genuine and simple techniques amongst the fluff promoted out there.

    Darcy M.
  • By God Matt this is excellent stuff!! It just makes sense!

    Ryan A.
  • I'm surprsed I've never been taught something so simple and effective. I've spent over 20 years training Kenpo, I believe I can fight. If I just wanted Self-Defense, I would just do this.

    David W.

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