1001 Submissions Manual Review


1001 Submissions Manual Review by Matt Bryers
owner of fightauthority.com / editor at mma.tv

1001 Grappling Submissions ManualIs the 1001 Submissions Manual Worth the $75?

I was very skeptical at first about this book… it’s an attempt to compile submissions from all different positions (nice rhyme) into one resource. The goal obviously being the provide a submission response from every position. My biggest skepticism was actually the details. Getting submissions is in the details. You miss one detail and you’re not only not going to get the submission, but you’ll probaby get submitted yourself!

When the big first arrived at my house I was SHOCKED at the shear size of the 1001 Submission Manual. Now I understand how they fit all the techniques into it. What I also like is that they had good biographies and information on the all the contributors to the book. Since I live in CT, I’ve had the pleasure of training with and learning from some of the contributors and have no doubts in their abilities.

My other concern was quickly addressed once you open and start "reading" the book. The details and pictures of the techniques are great. The pictures are in black and white. At first I wanted color, but it doesn’t take anything away from the book.

Is it worth it?- So far, yes. But time to examine the techniques!

How are the submission techniques presented?

The Submission Techniques are presented by position. Guard, Half Guard, Side Mount, Back Control, etc. The 1001 submissions are laid out in an easy to follow step-by-step progression. There a pictures along with text details for every step of the submission. You can preview some pages of the book here:
Preview 1001 Submissions Manual

Who can use this book?

Suprisingly enough, this book is meant for every type of fighter, martial artist, and even police or military. But, the book is mainly for Mixed Martial Artists and No-Gi Grapplers. The submission techniques will obviously work on someone with a gi, but the 1001 Submissions does not incorporate the gi.

But if you are a grappler or MMA fighter or someone who just training and looking for some extra submissions or extended details on a submission you’re working on, you’ll be quite pleased with the book.

How to use the book?

I use the 1001 Submission Manual in 3 ways. One is when I either looking for a submission from a position. Take half-guard for example – if I was looking for some submission from half guard, I would flip to the half guard section and find many submission and details from half guard – both top and bottom.

The second way I use it is just by browsing the book. It’s on my coffee table 90% of the time and I just pick it up when bored. When I see a submission the catches my eye, I try to grab my wife and try it on her (that rarely works), try it on one of the dogs (that never works), or I just bring the book to my next class and work on it with one of the top students.

So what’s your overall rating?

I would give the 1001 Submissions Manual a 4.5 out of 5. Why not a 5? Mostly because of the black and white pictures. It really doesn’t bother me, but a perfect score would be a 5, and if there were color… it would be perfect! But seriously, the 1001 Submission Manual is a valuable resource. It was worth the investment and will continue to provide value for years and years.

1001 Submission Manual Details:

  • 850+ Pages
  • 6,000+ photos
  • Over 5lbs
  • Techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Grappling, Judo, Sambo, and more

1001 Submissions Coverd:

  • Standing Submissions
  • Submissions against takedowns
  • Ground Submissions
  • Gi Submissions
  • No-Gi Submissions
  • MMA Submissions
  • Submissions from knees
  • Combo Submissions
  • And more

For more information and a sneak preview, go here:
1001 Submissions Manual


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