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Original Poster: bamboo
Forum: Grappling & Jiu-Jitsu
Posted On: 17-02-2007, 19:55

Orginal Post: bamboo: Anyone know of any good catch-as -catch-can resources?

I just broke my Karl Gotch cherry and really want to see more of this stuff.



Post: Bushi:

[url[/url >

Post: Sparky-bjj:

On you can order lots of catch wrestling dvd’s from Tony Cecchine. He’s a hooker under Lou Thesz. I thought of ordering them once, in particular the leglock dvd’s. I didn’t cause I saw some clips and I immediatly had some questions about what I saw. For example, when you’ve got a heelhook on your opponent and he tries to roll out, I just make sure the knee can’t move by triangling my legs around the knee, or just squeezing them real tight. Then I just roll with my opponent and start twisting the ankle. It has never happened to me that someone escaped my heelhook by rolling when I already secured the knee tight. Tony claims that what I do is foolishness on his dvd. When his opponent starts rolling he let’s go of the heelhook and goes for a step-over-toehold (what do you think about this bushi?). I tried this on training, but my partner escaped everytime because it’s just too complicated. It also feels much safer to just hold on tight and go for the heelhook, intead of letting go and going for something else. The other samples I saw didn’t convince me either. Also his site looks a bit mc dojo like, with wild claims of submitting purple belts bjj within seconds while talking on a cellphone…But maybe I’m just paranoid. A lot of people say the dvd’s are excellent.
When you go here: and you scroll down. You’ll see a section called ‘leglock manipulations 1′. If you click on ‘watch video’ you’ll see Tony Cecchine doing his step over toe hold.>

Post: bamboo:


I appreciate the critique as well.>


Sak has some great instructionals on youtube aswell.>

Post: Ninja Kl0wn: – Satoru Sayama vs Antonio Inoki (Japanese Pro-wrestling, very catch influenced, great techniques) – Lou Thesz vs Rikidozan, good example of catch wrestling techniques. – I remember posting a link to a Cecchine seminar in there somewhere
Erik Paulson’s stuff is highly catch influenced.
Sak has some good stuff, as was already mentioned.
The farmer burns book is authentic, disregard everything else by Matt Furey.

People tend to look over the fact that catch wrestling was first and foremost a wrestling art, submission was not the main focus. Matches were won by pin more often than submission. Pretty much everything you find in plain old highschool wrestling was part of catch.>

Post: Sparky-bjj:


I appreciate the critique as well.

You’re welcome!

I’m lucky enough to own two instructionals of sakuraba (on vhs, so they’re classics!). If you can get your hands on one of them I recommend them. The one called ‘gimmick’ is not really your basic catch instructional, it features saku’s weird tricks like for example, when fighting someone with gi: how to pull the gi over his head and stuff like that. The other instrutional I have is pure catch wrestling with a bit of mma. I highly recommend that one! The title is ‘amazing techniques’ (but in japanese spelling). Here’s a link to the instructional, but it is out of stock: It’s pretty hard to get, but it’s worth it. It taught me the rolling toe hold and I catch a lot of guys with that, especially pure guard players.>

Post: bamboo:

Thank you.

I’m now on a list at budovideo for just that item.>

Post: Gazelle:

‘I just broke my Karl Gotch cherry and really want to see more of this stuff.’

Huh??? 8O They’re definately English words, but the meaning of the sentence definately isn’t clicking.:)>

Post: Stazzy:

[quote=Gazelle ‘I just broke my Karl Gotch cherry and really want to see more of this stuff.’

Huh??? 8O They’re definately English words, but the meaning of the sentence definately isn’t clicking.:)[/quote 

Breaking or popping a cherry is an analogy people usually use to refer to breaking a woman’s hymen. However, the way bamboo used it simply meant that he was just recently introduced to Karl Gotch and is no longer a metaphorical virgin. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to stop typing so I can put the ice back on my right hand. I dropped a stone on one of my fingers when I was helping my uncle remodel part of his yard.>

Post: Gazelle:

Ouch! Hope that gets better!

Thank you for the clarification.:)>


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