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Rubber Guard


Rubber Guard
Original Poster: opariser1001
Forum: Grappling & Jiu-Jitsu
Posted On: 15-03-2007, 19:32

Orginal Post: opariser1001: I was just wondering who here uses rubber guard effectively in jiu-jitsu or MMA? what are some tips to using it effectively? what’s your favorite setup from there? the eddie bravo vids i watched focused mainly on the omoplata and sweeps from there but I wanted to hear more about setups for triangles if anyone knew a bit about that. though i must say that Eddie Bravo stuff is fantastic, he really explains where to put every part of your body in each step, and why it goes there. can’t wait to try it out in class!

Post: Triple T:

I can’t hold the rubber guard for long due to my shoddy knee, but it’s pretty easy to see the omoplata and triangle setups. Your legs are already really high on them, all you have to do is focus on arm control and pass one shoulder for a triangle. One of my training partners uses the triangle setup as a fake to set up an oddball armbar. When that leg comes over the shoulder but not past the head, a lot of our guys tend to back the head up as much as possible, trying to make the triangle harder to sink, but then that creates more space for the leg to pass the head and our ground stud has really quick hip movement on the bottom, so he can pull it off probably 90% of the time.>

Post: Bushi:

I enjoy Eddie Bravo’s books, with the exception of his rants about Marijuana. That being said, I do not use the rubber guard. The reason is my knees and flexiability suck and I cannot use it. If I were more flexiable and my knees weren’t so shitty, I probably would use it. That is all I have concerning the Rubber Guard.>


I dont use the rubber guard either, I find it makes me too grounded in the guard, and the flexibility issue. I like to use guard to sweep. I also find that people who aren’t good with their guard use it as another way to hold close guard, they don’t take full advantage of the rubber guard.>

Post: admin:

I think it’s important to not only play with just the rubber guard, but all sorts of variations of guard and other positions. The coolest thing about jiu-jitsu, grappling, and fighting in general is that it really is tailored to each person. It’s like each person has their own style. Take what you want and leave the rest!>

Post: opariser1001:

darn i was hoping someone on here would be a rubber guard expert! :)

well i tried it rolling but i was going against someone better than me and i’m still a noob at rubberguard (not to mention everything else) so i’m gonna keep playing with it and see if i can make it work for me.

BP – yeah if you’re using it just to hold someone that’s lame. i try not to do that.>

Post: samurai6string:

Well, I have to admit I’m at a loss here. You guys don’t beat me up too much……but I have never heard of this “rubber guard.” Any good links or pics? (I’m incredibly lazy, and pissed becuase of the WVU UL big east tourney game >:( )>

Post: opariser1001:

vid of rubber guard:


Post: samurai6string:

Thanks, Op. That def looks like hell on your hips…>

Post: Gazelle:

Quoting: opariser1001;48108 vid of rubber guard:


Thanks, Op, i enjoyed watching that.>

Post: opariser1001:

no prob guys. yeah you need flexible hips and glutes for sure

so yeah i’ve been trying it and so far i can’t do much with it, but i’m gonna keep at it and maybe one day i’ll be good at it who knows? right now it’s pretty hard to control anyone with it except people way weaker than me.>

Post: opariser1001:

so i’ve had some success with the rubber guard, i was able to get into an omoplata position from it and then get to a better position on a less experienced guy but hopefully i’ll get good enough to either finish the omoplata or get something else like a triangle or something.

woot! i love working on something and having it get better, even if only slightly.>


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