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should there be different ranking for gi and no gi?


should there be different ranking for gi and no gi?
Original Poster: BLACK PANTA
Forum: Grappling & Jiu-Jitsu
Posted On: 18-02-2005, 23:23

Orginal Post: BLACK PANTA: Do you think there should be a different belt ranking system for gi and no gi BJJ? Like all BJJ school we train in gi and no gi. There are very noticable differences between the two types of fighting. I’m not saying one is better than the other btw.

I just wanted to know your opinions on this topic. I’m sure it’s not a new issue to the BJJ world.

Post: setsu nin to:

I had to put last answer in poll, thats great Panta :mrgreen:

Now about belt. I presonaly done care for BJJ, but if you ask me I wouldnt separate rank system. In my opinion one sistem for gi and no gi is good.>

Post: bamboo:

I respectfuly disagree with setsu on this one. One rank for gi, no gi, dress, yellow shorts, pink hat, cheese bun covering the groin…whatever.

Your ability to use your martial art should not be limited to the clothes you wear. I know I can still throw regardless if I’m wearing my billowy pantaloons and gi or shorts and no shirt. You have to practice gi and no gi…but remember, the gi is only used so you don’t ruin your normal clothing, at least thats the way it should be.



Post: setsu nin to:


“I respectfuly disagree with setsu on this one”

But that was my point, one sistem for gi and no gi…>

Post: dscott:

[quote=setsu nin to bamboo

“I respectfuly disagree with setsu on this one”

But that was my point, one sistem for gi and no gi…[/quote 

Bamboo: Clear the barley and hops from your ears and listen.>

Post: bamboo:


My mistake, I misread what you wrote Setsu!

In light of that, I respectfuly agree with Setsu and would also like to point out that I am not drinking here at work. Plus, I train tonight so no nothin’ for ol’ bambeer.>

Post: Bushi:

There is a rank for no-gi. Its Beginner/novice, Intermediate and Advanced.

That is a ranking. The cool thing about No-gi is the lack of rank. I have seen Purples go against Blacks in Comps. and its great.

No-gi is just Submission Wrestling.>

Post: setsu nin to:


“I respectfuly agree with Setsu “

Thats much better :lol:>

Post: Gong||Jau:

I don’t see why you would set up a separate ranking system. Your skill should carry over whether you’re wearing a gi or not; a gi is just like a training tool that simulates real clothing but won’t get destroyed, like Bamboo said. I guarantee that you could do 75% of your submissions on someone wearing a jacket, or even a polo shirt. No gi IMHO is just another training tool that teaches you to throw and submit your opponent using just his body mass without holding onto anything extra. That would be like having one ranking system for bokken, and another for katana :)>


Well, as Bushi could verify. When grappling with gi, it’s a different ball game than no gi. The gi you have a whole lot more chokes to begin with. You can use your opponent’s gi as a 3rd or 4th limb (for yourself). You can grap places and secure your grip better. I know it’s supposed to simulate real clothes. When you fight without gi, it as bushi said it’s pretty much submission wrestling. This poll actually came about after reading an interview with Eddie Bravo. He is of the thought that gi and no gi should have their own BELT ranking system. With no gi, even sweat make a huge difference in grappling. As I’ve said b4 I dont currently train for rank, but I can see and understand Eddie Bravo’s stand point.>

Post: Bushi:

Yes, No-gi and Gi are very different. The cool thing is every move in No-gi is in Gi training, but not vice versa.

Gi training teaches you to be technical and teaches the beginner about damage control. Since there is like three times the subs in Gi training the beginner learns fast that he can be submited from everywhere. It develops the right defensive mindset, not to mention Gi training teaches you about being really uncomfortable and learning that not only can you deal with it, but it’s really not that bad. Gi training allows the beginner to learn about balance and breaking balance since their are like three times the sweeps in Gi. The game can be slowed down due to friction which gives you the ability to see set ups.

No-Gi is a fast paced version of grappling, especially when the sweat starts flowing. The pace picks up and so should the reaction times. The subs are fewer and must be secured due to the lack of friction. No-gi subs can be very unforgiving, if they are not perfect they can be lost. This takes your game to the next level and allows you to start twiking your attacks and defense. No-gi is explosive and at times can imbody the principles of JU better than Gi.

I am of the opinion that both are needed to become a balanced and versitile fighter. Keep in mind that Eddie Bravo is one BJJ Black belt that trained Gi and No-gi. The “Rubber Guard, Mission control” and the rest does not work for everyone ( I personally cannot do them…flexability sucks, always has, always will). Most the advances in No-gi have come from Gi fighters trying to adabt their games to Submission Grappling.>

Post: Dormath:

I belive a differnt ranking for Gi and No Gi makes much more sense. Like Kickboxing and Muay Thai they are very simular but the difernces make it almost a difrent sport ( ok not really but it was the best i could think of right now) i have only dont Gi once and that was slow as crap the guys were really setting up there stuff for a long time in No Gi the fight was over before i new it stated.>

Post: bamboo:

I agree that for competition ranking in terms of standing that different venues have different ranks…that just makes sense…I just think that as an art in general one rank works as well.

Really, who cares about the rank outside of the org. itself?



that is true bamboo. Rank really shouldn’t be a big concern when training in any art. Concentrate on getting better.>


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