Weight Lifting and BJJ


Weight Lifting and BJJ
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Posted On: 23-12-2006, 03:00

Orginal Post: irishpowerhouse77: Hey guys.. I’m not sure if this has been brought up yet but I was wondering what your opinions on weight lifting and BJJ would be. I just started lifting again this week. I did BJJ yesterday morning and then lifted afterwards… but today I felt totally spent at BJJ when I went and I felt a lot tighter. I felt almost like I did when I first started going to BJJ when I was into heavy lifting. I did a lot of stretching while working out as well as afterwards.

For those of you that do recommend lifting while doing BJJ would you be able to guide me in the right direction? I have always lifted for mass/strength.

My goals right now: Explosiveness/Strength/Leannes/Endurance

Post: angryrocker4:

Stretch real good before BJJ and do your weights 4 hours apart if possible, and try and stay with an olympic or powerlifting routine. Dont stretch too much before using heavy weights.>

Post: BoostedHULK:

i’m only asking because i’m sure a lot of people would like to know, as well as myself. What’s the reason for using power-lifting routines? From other readings, i’ve found that people can tailor their weight-lifting to suite what they are lifting for. So, i was just curious if maybe we could get a little explanation as to why?>

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A power-lifting or olympic routine keeps your body working together a whole and using more explosive movements compared to a bodybuilding routine where you are isolating muscles and trying to keep constant strain on the muscle instead of trying to explode on the weight.

In BJJ or and other grappling arts, it’s more explosive, full-body movements. So a good routine combining squats, cleans, standing presses, deads, benching, rows, etc. makes a huge difference on the mat.

Also in regards to feeling spent on the mat. Our instructor says that is one the best times to train. If you can do good techniques and movements when you’re body is spent, you’ll be able to do it even better when you’re 100%. I lift on the same days I train all the time.>

Post: samurai6string:

[quote=fightauthority.com  If you can do good techniques and movements when you’re body is spent, you’ll be able to do it even better when you’re 100%. [/quote 

Word, this was our wrestling coach’s philosophy as well.>

Post: titoliddell:

I lift almost five times a week and I’v got alot bigger, but i’m still just as quick and flexible.>

Post: titoliddell:

If your lifting for Bjj work on your lower body. Thats where all of your explosiveness comes from. Do squats, dead lifts, and cleans mainly. Even if your not lifting for BJJ these are still excellent lifts to do.>


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