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Casca Grossa 07/19/08


This was some footage from Casca Grossa. As you can see I pull right into guard immediatly and go for rubber guard/ mission control. His arms are in tight in the Trex position so then I start to work from crack head control and try for a mission pump arm bar but he almost pulls out so then to establish crack head control again and zombie his arm adn immediatly going for double bagger control and then to new york position. I then go for the go go plata and stall in that position looking for the straight jacket, he almost gives it to me but then falls into the go go plata. I release my leg to move for the loco plata with my right leg but then he passes that leg and I bail out into the carni but im just not able to put his weight where it needs to be so I drop into half guard and work for my sweeps. He trys to darce from my lock down half guard but I pull the Old School sweep and as Im moving to pull mount he is able to sweep me back over to guard position(this will not happen next time!!!!). THen he actually pulls an illegal neck crank and the ref decides to stop the action and reset us into guard. So then after an attempt by him to break my guard by rolling me over(im way to flexible for that trash) I then proceed to dominate him some more by pulling him back into my rubber guard/ double bagger position to new york then go go plata and the time runs out right before his head exploded from the pressure.
Tags: bagger, carni, double, go, grappling, guard, jitsu


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