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how to block step in side kicks


how to block step in side kicks
Original Poster: zenjitsu
Forum: Hand to Hand Combat
Posted On: 01-12-2004, 05:44

Orginal Post: zenjitsu: hi,,
has anyone found a great way to block side kicks, the step/skip in type in particular…


Post: confusingDot:

[quote=zenjitsu hi,,
has anyone found a great way to block side kicks, the step/skip in type in particular…

thanks..[/quote once you see them start o step/ skip, then you can rush them, or do some straight line hit, tha tis faster then the sidekick, such as a straight lead (stop hit, like in jkd). Or a takedown. you probably will not be able to deflect it, b ut you can probably fully block it using your hands. YOu can jsut move out of it’s way. you can just lift up your knee, and maybe block it as well. too many options.>

Post: TKDman:

Best way to block a step-side? Not be there when it arrives.
Circle around the kick and then you can lay into them! :twisted:>

Post: thebgbb:

Since the side kick is a linear, and not planar, strike, I have found that a simple sidestep does the trick. This also helps you set up a counterstrike.

If you get a chance, take a look at Savate. Their techniques for countering and delivering kicks that are very good.

Good luck.>

Post: Fa Jing:

How about back stepping just out of range directly infront of the kick, when he skipped i moved backwards, that allowed me to grab the leg for a takedown, sweep or counter strike to the face. I have actually tried this but only in sparring with someone i knew(have sparred multiple times) as far as doing it in actual combat. I dunno most likely you’ll misjudge the distance and get nailed.>

Post: bamboo:

How about back stepping just out of range directly infront of the kick, when he skipped i moved backwards, that allowed me to grab the leg for a takedown,

IMHO, if you back step your asking for trouble, sparring is one thing but with hand to hand self defense backing up only puts the attacker in an advantage to mount a further, more aggressive assault until all your doing is backing up and fending off strikes. Try rushing someone in a sparring session when they are expecting calculated attacks on obvious openings, the results that I have had are great whenever the person backed up. :)
Sidestepping puts you on equal footing and sometimes gives you the advantage because the attacker must then “reorganize” before attacking.



Post: confusingDot:

oh just to say… rushing them is one of my favorites, if they’re skipping, then they’re more off balance, and telegraphing hte move more, so it shouldn’t be too hard at all.>

Post: thebgbb:

Oh, one more thing: If they don’t chamber the side kick, you can just lower your elbow a few inches and smack their ankle. It doesn’t take much of a movement, but it hurts like hell to have someone’s elbow driven down into your foot/shin. The same can apply to a front kick.>

Post: binhdinhboy:

use forearms to absorb the attack. let it come to you, then absorb it.>


There are soo many counters/blocks to a side kick. Everyone here has some great sugesstions. May I ask Zenjitsu, what art do you train in? The reason I ask is because if you just now started to learn an art, and you just recently learned a side kick, all the advice we give you will mean nothing and will more than likely confuse you. I would reccomend, you taking this question up with your Sifu/Sensei.

There are many effective ways to counter a side kick and a lot of those techniques are pretty easy. The best advice I can give you is to take it up with an instructor. He will not only be able to tell you, but show you the technique. Have faith is your school’s curriculum. (if you go to a school/kwoon/dojo/dojang) that is.>

Post: The Axe Murderer:

I’d say the best way is to 90 degree avoid or side step and then finish the opponent off.>

Post: thebgbb:

[quote=The Axe Murderer I’d say the best way is to 90 degree avoid or side step and then finish the opponent off.[/quote 

Do you prefer to finish him off with the Kano Heart Chop, the Sub-Zero Spine Crank, or the Johnny Cage Uppercut?


Post: zenjitsu:

thanks guys,,,looks like the most popular way is to kinda get out of the way of it, which is what i always did, kind back and over to the side..along with a little deflection blocking…I dont think i’d ram my elbow into my partners ankle, i’d be a total butthead for doing that, but thanks for that info in case its for real in the street one day… so i’ll stick with these popular methods.


Post: binhdinhboy:

if one looks at savate, they would reccomend to ways. step back and hit down with your front hand. or the other way is to scoop and spin them then counter attack.>

Post: 4:

The best way to avoid he side Kick in my oppinion (assuming you fighting right handed if not then adjust to south paw) is avoid the kick all together by defelcting it, these kicks are power full if i where to kick some body like that I’d damage that bit of the body possible end the fight. to do this remember the kick has only force up and forward (toward you) not side ways, if the use there left leg use your right palm on his heel of calf and step forward with your right foot (dont push to hard this is to help the foot past you not knock him off balance). this should leave you back to back and as you blocked with the right hand it should be forward to enable you to grap hold quick. next the choise is yours, I go for the rear hip throw on to there head if this fails rasie your right leg and twist left for a sweep and an arm. never fails to impress as it looks cool and works well (for me). if your really looking to show off then step forward with the left leg and rear suplex/chock them.

again the block is the bit to get right, its from my wing cung training, soft so you gain control and don’t fight there energy but at the same time firm to make sure your not gonna get a foot to the chest.>

Post: Ninja Kl0wn:

Like that.

You deal with it the same way you would any other straight line kick to the body. You don’t need a different defense for every single attack. It doesn’t matter if they throw a teep, a chassé, a super kung fu kick of doom©, or whatever, it’s still a kick coming in a straight line to your body.

Just like with hands. It doesn’t matter if the guy is throwing a boxing jab, or a wing chun straight lead, my parry/slip doesn’t change.>

Post: Greg_G47:

It’s a powerful kick because of the push and because of the small area (side edge of the foot/shoe if done properly). Not because it’s particularly fast (compared to other kicks). If a good one hits you in the ribs you'[re going to be in a lot of pain and the fight will probably be over very quickly. Since it’s usually a little slow though you have a couple options. Probably more than this, but these are off the top of my head.

1. Go around it to the back of the attacker, attack the neck/head/supporting knee from behind. They’re already side-on if it’s fully extended, so it’s a short trip to get to a lot of easy targets. If the person is any good they probably won’t let you do this.

2. Absorb the kick (by moving back with it as it hits) and attack the knee joint either by striking it with a knee or elbow, or by following the kick in when the guy retracts his foot and then torquing the leg. You could also get in close enough when he retracts to attack the supporting klnee from here as well, but that would leave you with 2 hands occupied and him with a nice route to punch you in the mouth.

3. step on it. Knock the person’s leg down with a shot to the shin, a pushing kick of some kind, or just by entangling your leg in theirs, then attack with hands while they’re confused about why their kick isn’t happening.>

Post: bushidoka:

Defend the lower body with the lower body. If you can’t stop kick it, just deflect it by knocking it outside your body with your lower leg. You could also step into, and pivot around the kick, pulling the leg into your center for a throw or takedown.
Key with this attack is to break his timing, or step into the middle of his technique when he has no leverage, such as when he is high on his toes.
Tons of stuff you can be doing here 8)>


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