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Redbeard’s "Public" Evaluate my Workout thread.


Redbeard’s "Public" Evaluate my Workout thread.
Original Poster: Robert_RedBeard
Forum: Hand to Hand Combat
Posted On: 05-11-2006, 00:56

Orginal Post: Robert_RedBeard: Hello and thanks for advance for any input.

A little background first.

I have done this workout before and it worked well for me. The last two years or so I have had a job where I was sitting on my butt for way to much time. So over the last two years I have managed to get overweight again.

It’s time to correct that problem so I am working out once again.

I workout in two week cycles. Consisting of 6 strength workouts and 6 cardio wokouts. In addition I walk and run with weight added in a backpack.

Here is my schedule:

Day 1: Cardio
Day 2: Upper Body
Day 3: Cardio
Day 4: Lower Body
Day 5: Cardio
Day 6: Upper Body
Day 7: Day Off for R & R

Day 8: Cardio
Day 9: Lower Body
Day 10: Cardio
Day 11: Upper Body
Day 12: Cardio
Day 13: Lower Body
Day 14: Day Off for R & R

Okay, for Upper Body, I do Pushups with the weighted pack(Chest), Hammer Curls(Biceps), Rows(Back), Shruggs(Shoulders), Crunches(Upper Abs) and Overhead Dumbell Extentions(Triceps).

For Lower Body, I do Straight Leg Dead Lifts(Hamstrings), Squats(Quadriceps), Standing Calf Raises(Calves Duh) and Leg Lifts(Lower Abs).

For Cardio, I Walk, Jog and Run with a weighted pack.

Starting next week I will be adding an MMA workout. I have Bas Rutten’s MMA Workout Tapes. Basically I will be Kicking, Punching and Sprawliing for Cardio so I can improve my over all striking skills and stamina.

Here is how I determine how much of each excersize to do. I do each exercise till I cannot do it any more. I then take the number of reps I accomplish and devide the number by 2. I take half the reps I can do in a setting and do that number of reps for three sets.

I do all the excersizes in a curcuit fashion then walk, run or jog a lap around the park I workout at in between curcuits.

Please, I would like any criticism or input that you may be able to add.

I would also like to know if I could post video of me working my MMA curcuit for critique by you guys. I feel I need the input.

As I said, thanks in advance.

Post: zefff:

You really dont need to post the vid of you working out!… unless you are a 19 year old, female lap dancer :lol:

You know yourself best and what your current fitness level is and what functionality you want to achieve so you will know what is possible now and what is a distant goal. What kind of fitness do you want is the first question I would ask? It seems from your workout that you want to be an all-rounder with good strength, power,endurance and mobilty. I would suggest you supplement with a sport or martial art you enjoy. I used to play basketball and badminton at one stage in life. Basketball 3 on 3, half court is a great explosive total workout and although badminton might be looked on as an unmasculine sport…its one where you spend 100 percent of the time in the small phasic bent knee stance so its awesome for footwork.

(Just had a thought: Do you even know what Badminton is in the US? :lol: )>

Post: Robert_RedBeard:

I meant to post technique video.

But that is more meant for the post I put like this in the Ask Sensei Forum.

I know I can hit people and knock them out. So far I am pretty good at it. But any criticism that I get that improves my game is what I’m insterested in. In case I am doing something sloppy that I’m not catching.>

Post: Robert_RedBeard:


Yes, it involves a net and birdies. Like tennis but not.

You pretty much discribed the fitness I am looking for. I plan on being able to carry 60 pounds for three miles like nothing when I jog. I have just started with 10 pounds mall walking. LOL

I plan on doing Airsoft and paintball for sport. I figure that will have me running, crawling, jumping and thinking all at the same time.And I also love to practice my combatives for cardio.

And a lot of walking. Maybe get into a few fights. LOL>

Post: Tease T Tickle:

I genuinely dislike the alternating days of cardio and targeted weight lifting routines.
First, any long time lifter or sport-medicine specialist will tell you that there is a difference between “mirror” muscles and “functional” muscles. When you do your weight resistance training, you should be using natural, complex motions that allow your muscles to develop in the pattern of the activities you perform. For instance, rock climbers should be doing lat pulls/chin ups and should not be doing seated rows/flyes because – even though the same muscles are involved – the angle makes all the difference in the end result of climbing better. I don’t know your style of fighting (i.e. Sprawl and Brawl, GNP, submission-centric) so I don’t know what specific motions would be best for you. Generally speaking, though, shrugs and overhead extensions/presses are worthless.
Second, Developing muscles for stamina, explosive power or general strength requires different types of exercises. For instance, isometric exercises will make you better at exerting power for a long time than it will for exerting a lot of power at once, which is good for the ground game. While cardio itself is important, muscle stamina is equally so, even though it never gets discussed. You might have wind for days, but your muscles start burning and then stop working, and you’re toast in round three. Running, jogging, etc. is a plyometric exercise and will train your legs to be explosively powerful. It will not, however, make your legs stay underneath you after holding on to a triangle for three and a half minutes and being stood back up. Since you want longevity in your performance, I’d suggest doing isometrics on your cardio days and going swimming every day to keep your cardio high. Swimming is better than running, anyway.>

Post: Robert_RedBeard:

Thanks TTT,

I do the alternating days because it works for me. I also change up the exercises. What I listed are the exercises I am currently doing.

I have thought about doing more with body weight and adding weight to those exercises. I understand the train them like you will use them ideal.

Do you have any suggestions on how to do what you suggest without equipment. My training equipment consists of a city park, a shovel, a backpack and sand bags. I do have some fight training equip. Just no weight equip.

The strength routine is for overall muscle strength and endurance in hauling a load over distance. I figure my self defense needs will be served best by being able to outlast most opponents. Since I have kids, I figure it will be wise to be able to carry them for a distance too.

I don’t really have a style. I just try not to let the other guy take me down and take whatever is open for attack. I will be training my strikes, chokes and takedowns. So I guess that makes me all around.

P.S. I only sport fight in the garage with friends. Otherwise it’s for self defense.>

Post: Robert_RedBeard:

If you notice, I let 4 days go between strength workouts per body area.

Upperbody get’s worked on every 4 days then and lower gets worked out ever 4 days. Cardio is in between those.

And cardio will be mostly fight training.>

Post: Tease T Tickle:

[quote=Robert_RedBeard Do you have any suggestions on how to do what you suggest without equipment. My training equipment consists of a city park, a shovel, a backpack and sand bags. I do have some fight training equip. Just no weight equip.[/quote 

I used to use lumber and pieces of masonry when my gym membership lapsed. Then I found that my school had a gym open virtually all night long and free for students. Caveman training just doesn’t compare, IMHO.

Isometrics and Plyometrics don’t require any equipment. All you need for isometrics is something you can’t move, like your house or a large tree. All you need for plyo is space to jump around in.>

Post: Robert_RedBeard:

Understood, TTT.

I am developing what I call an Underground Workout. Meaning something I can do in my basement with minimal equipment. Pretty much just 2 sand bags and something to put in them for weight, like sand.

Sure, it is “cave man” training. But that is the idea. I am looking for exersizes that will get me the best bang for the buck. Part of that is fight training. Part of it is strength exersizes.

Here’s a quick question.

Is it best to do the routine in a curcuit?

Because I kinda do a set of each exersize and then jog for a minute. Then do my next set of each exersizes till I have done 3 sets and 3 minutes of jogging.>


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