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Bagua: The Most Deadly Point Strikes: Montaigue


Bagua Fighting: The Most Deadly Point Strikes on the Most Deadly Meridians: Volume One.
Erle Montaigue receives many requests for a more simple way of showing the most deadly point strikes on the most deadly meridians using Baguazhang. This video series shows how Bagua uses three consecutive strikes using fa-jing all aimed at the most deadly dim-mak points on the most deadly meridians. Erle shows how to use each weapon without damaging yourself, using a hard mitt. He then goes on to show each point and its effect upon the body. Then he shows Bagua Fighting techniques to gain the most from this system. This is an easy to learn from series, it is not sophisticated; it is just straight down to earth Bagua fighting at its best, or worst if you are on the other end of it!
Tags: tai, taiji, self, qigong, chinese, dim, mak, defence, fu, bagua, chuan, healing, taijiquan, karate, kung, chi, boxing, fighting


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