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Double End Bag


Double End Bag Visit: sammyfranco/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=sammyfranco&Product_Code=DOUBLE_

This instructional video teaches you everything you need to know to properly use the double end bag in your home, basement, garage or gym. Here, Sammy Franco teaches you the most important double end bag drills and exercises that will dramatically improve your speed, coordination, timing and accuracy.

For many people, the double end bag can be a tricky and frustrating piece of equipment. But with our double end bag training dvd, you’ll quickly learn the skills and techniques necessary to master it and reach your full potential. Double end bag training dvd is ideal for “reality fighting” self defense technicians, mixed martial arts (mma) and exercises enthusiasts.

Double End Bag Training covers the following topics: how to set up your double end bag, proper air pressure and bag tension, height considerations, proper hitting style, footwork, balancing factors, proper distancing and timing issues, bare fisted vs. glove training, avoiding common mistakes, and much more. This instructional dvd includes three training levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Beginner level drills
Open hand tapping, proficiency training, lead straight punch, rear cross, hook punches, uppercuts, short arc hammer fist, finger jab strikes, elbow strikes, and palm heel strikes.

Intermediate level drills
Punching and striking combinations: lead straight to rear cross, double lead straights, uppercut to rear cross, lead straight to rear cross to hook punch, elbow combinations, and hook punch to hook punch.

Advanced level drills
Piston punching endurance drill, arbitrary combinations, double head butt drill, slipping drill, circuit training and disorientation drills.

Details: Double End Bag Training is a multi-regional and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Original Release Date: 2008. Total Run Time: 1 hour.
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What do you think? Please Leave a Comment