Heavy Bag Training for Street Fighting by Sammy Franco


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Sammy Franco’s Heavy Bag Training is your number one source for learning how to properly use the heavy bag for street fighting self defense. Heavy bag Training is truly a one-of-a-kind video! It cuts to the chase and teaches you specific heavy bag drills and exercises that will prepare you for the rigors of street fighting. Finally, a heavy bag workout specifically designed for street fighting!
The heavy bag is the most recognized piece of training equipment in the world yet it still remains the most misused pieces of training equipment in the gym. However, with Sammy Franco’s Heavy Bag Training, in a matter of one hour you can acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to successfully get working on the bag! Are you sick of trying to extrapolate “reality based self defense” heavy bag drills from sport combat and mixed martial arts training tapes? Are you still performing “boxing oriented” heavy bag workouts? Well, Sammy Franco’s Heavy Bag Training is the answer you’ve been looking for…


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