Sammy Franco Knife Attack Defense: Control & Conquer #2


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CONTROL AND CONQUER 2: Advanced Knife Defense Training – This is the advanced companion in our Control & Conquer knife defense series. Control & Conquer II picks up where Control & Conquer 1 left off.

This dynamic knife defense will teach you the following essential life saving skills: the four knife defense principles, defending against a rear hand knife attacker, the 4 strategies of a rear hand knife attacker, escaping from the “grab and stab”, countering the “grab and stab”, wrist release escapes, how to engage with a one hand “V” grip, being held up at knife point, distraction techniques prior to disarming, flex and stab counters to a knife point attack, groundfighting a knife attacker, 1 and 2 hand “knife struggle” drills, the famous “WAR BABY” drill, “Around the Corner” drill, the “Knife Run” drill, the seated knife jamming drill, weighted vest evasion drills, and much more. NOTE: Since this is a two part series, we recommend first watching CONTROL & CONQUER (Volume 1)

Details: CONTROL AND CONQUER 2: Advanced Knife Defense Training is a multi-regional and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Approximate running time: 1 hour. Get it at: sammyfranco
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