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Target Practice trailer (avi file)


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Film Synopsis

“Target Practice” is an intelligent but raw, visceral, extremely tense outdoor thriller with an emphasis on character as much as action.

The story centers on 5 blue-collar friends on a weekend fishing trip — and the hell that’s unleashed upon them when they almost run into a car that’s been abandoned in the middle of an isolated mountain road. Stopping to see if anyone needs their help, they inadvertently stumble into the middle of an undercover operation involving a CIA agent and a hidden training camp for homegrown terrorists (molded after real-life, recent discoveries in both the U.S. and Canada).

Suddenly, these 5 regular, everyday guys find themselves way out of their league, fighting a bloody battle against a cunning, well-trained, brutal enemy that knows the rugged terrain like the back of its hand. A battle that quickly spirals into a full-scale mini-war for which they are completely unprepared — a war that not only pits them against their murderous foe but against the elements and against their own simmering resentments, prejudices, and conflicting loyalties as well.
Tags: action, adventure, Al, camp, film, homegrown, indie, movie, outdoor, practice, Qaeda, target, terrorism, thriller, training

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