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Jujutsu – Arts of the Samurai


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Shiden’issen Jujutsu – Martial Arts of Tucson dojo.

The Samurai Arts of Shiden’issen Jujutsu are an original and diverse martial discipline of war. It is a style which focuses on modern-practical self-defense and traditional sword arts. Its fighting method consists of throws, immobilizations, grappling and submissions. Jujutsu was a warriors art, practiced by the Samurai of Japan. Over the centuries hundreds of jujutsu styles evolved. Because of the devastating nature of jujutsu techniques, it was not at all suited to sport competition. In modern times, Jujutsu can refer to a martial art in which all aspects of combat are taught together.Shiden’issen Jujutsu is an amalgam of the traditional and the modern.

• Kenjutsu, the Japanese art of swordsmanship, concerned with accurate sword technique and fighting with the sword in a realistic context against an opponent. The practice of swordsmanship improves one’s skills of balance, coordination of mind and body, and increases awareness of detail.

• Iaijutsu, the art of attacking on the sword draw itself. Iaijutsu teaches how to draw quickly and in such a fashion as to negate an opponents attack with finality. For the Samurai, any threat could be rapidly, even instinctively, identified and responded to immediately.

•Jujutsu, the art of unarmed combat, including ground fighting techniques. A great emphasis is placed on maintaining the attackers flow of momentum (which follows from the art’s name), in which ‘ju’ connotes pliability and suppleness. Movements tend to emphasize circularity, and capitalize on an attacker’s momentum and openings in order to place a joint in a compromised position or to break balance as preparatory for a take-down or throw.

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