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Doc Walker


Doc Walker
Original Poster: bluepoet2007
Forum: Japanese Martial Arts
Posted On: 24-05-2005, 20:04

Orginal Post: bluepoet2007: Hi! Does anyone know anything about Doc; who he was, how long he had been practicing aikido, etc etc? ❓ I have a few friends who are very much into aiki and they mention his name a lot. I haven’t had a chance to sit down with any of the senior students, or sensei, yet and ask anyone.

I am a very brand-new student to aiki :oops:, but I have been told he had a dojo in Titusville (FL) and worked with Sand Drift aikido. I am just curious because I am so new; these people seem almost legendary to me, especially if they have already passed on.

Thanks so much for any info.


Post: bamboo:

I can honestly say I have never heard of him, his lineage does go back to the early days of the United States Aikido Federation under Yamada sensei. I belive he began practice in 1967 while stationed in Japan.

I also know that he passed on in 2003.

If you go to the “sanddrifts” aikido website they have a write up about him. THis is where I found the above information.

Incidently, if you are in florida, you have a chance to practice under Mitsugi Saotome shihan 8th dan awarded by O sensei as well as several of his senior students (Dennis Hooker, etc.).

Regarding “famous aikidoka”, don’t take other people’s word for how good they are, feel it yourself. As well, be careful with all the “aiki-bunnies” and “aiki-tough guys” out there, they are a dime a dozen and often have no real training. Be especially careful of the words “aikijutsu and aikibudo”, these are often abused terms used by independant groups without proper training.

Best of luck blue poet, aikido is a great art and the path is a long hard one but very beneficial (at least in my case it has been).


Post: bluepoet2007:

Hi Bamboo,

Thanks for the info. I will check out Sand Drift’s website when I get the chance.

I have heard of Dennis Hooker from some of my friends(i.e. “we’re going to Hooker’s dojo on Saturday,” or similar), but I don’t know much about him either. Right now I learn by watching and listening when it comes to learning about people, and by doing when it comes to techniques.

Thanks again!>

Post: bamboo:

Dennis Hooker is a personal student of M. Saotome sensei and runs a a great dojo. Everyone I know that has practiced with or been trained by him that I have had teh pleasure of meeting have been nothing but top notch.

Best of luck,



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