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Invitation Belt Grading Seminar


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Invitation Belt Grading Seminar
Original Poster: DokanDojo
Forum: Japanese Martial Arts
Posted On: 30-07-2007, 09:59

Orginal Post: DokanDojo: Invitation Belt Grading Seminar
Dokan Ryu Ju Jutsu
Invitation to:
Belt Grading Seminar
Sunday 28 October 2007
Time: 0930-17, Dokan Dojo Kviberg, Gothenburg, Sweden
This seminar we will focus on:
3rd Kyu Green Belt Techniques
2nd Kyu Blue Belt Techniques
1st Kyu Brown Belt Techniques
All interested are welcome!
Renshi Pavel Antonsson 5 Dan
Sempai Clas Eriksson 2 Dan
Sempai Anders Rynell 1 Dan
Sempai Jörgen Johansson 1 Dan
Sempai Jon Mörner 1 Dan

Seminar fee: 100 SKr
For information & Registration:
E-mail: [EMAIL=””[/EMAIL 
Pavel Antonsson
Chief Instructor
Dokan Ryu Ju Jutsu Sweden

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