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Is kyokushin like kempo


Is kyokushin like kempo
Original Poster: BLACK PANTA
Forum: Japanese Martial Arts
Posted On: 27-01-2006, 18:32

Orginal Post: BLACK PANTA: I am still vastly unfamiliar with Kyokushin Karate. What is it like. Is it more like MT, Shotokan, JJ or Kempo? How in depth do they go into takedowns and ground work? Is it more Jap JJ than Karate? Does it have any resemblance to any KF style? San Da maybe?

Please forgive my ignorance.

Post: :

Without going into a long description: it is a very hard style of karate that is not like any of above, except a little like MT. This video is a good demo:>

Post: Hengest:

What kind of kenpo? It’s a term as generic as “kung fu”.>

Post: MrPeabody:

I thought is had a lot more kicks like TKD?>

Post: Hengest:

[quote=MrPeabody I thought is had a lot more kicks like TKD?[/quote 


Post: zefff:

There was a Kyokushin world championship shown on Eurosport (UK) last night after the K1. Didnt see any throws/takedowns but loads of beatings and really only basic kicks. Everything was very direct and aimed at specific targets. I think its great that they dont wear gloves. Even the women were taking/giving serious beatings! It looked great, I’d love to have a go. It would be a really good test for my WC to see how it stacks up against determind strikers from another style with the freedom of bare hands.>

Post: setsu nin to:

By Kyokushin Karate rules its not allowed to punch head, but you can kick opponents head. There is no grappling or ground fighting. I personally like it, actually its the only style of Karate that I like. Its really hard to say how it looks like. Kyokushin fight doesn?t look like Shotokan fight, or Muay Thay or so other. Because of the rule ?no punching the head? Kyokushin looks much different in Kyokushin tournament and in K-1 for example.

Kenpo, well Kenpo is really general term; it can be three totally different things: sword art from Japan, striking art from Japan or striking art from Okinawa.
Kenpo as sword art. Kenpo is just old term for Kenjutsu.
Kenpo as striking art in Japan. Striking is just what is most pointed in Kenpo, it doesn?t mean thats it dont have elements of grappling, capturing?
Kenpo from Okinawa is striking art and its Karate.
Thare are also some ryuhas that use term Kenpo Taijutsu.>


Sorry Shorinji Kempo, or American Kempo ala Ed Parker, or Olaf Simon (hey he may not be KF but he’s legit in Kempo)>

Post: Sirc:

From everything I’ve seen of Kyukinshin it’s very much like TKD… well what TKD USED to be anyway.

The rule sets are very similar to TKD rulesets. They aren’t as… “turny” as TKD, but the kicks are still pretty similar.>

Post: :

“From everything I’ve seen of Kyukinshin it’s very much like TKD… well what TKD USED to be anyway.”

No and learn how to spell is right.>

Post: Sirc:

Okay, thanks for the correction then.>

Post: rnc:

i took Kyokushin for a while and the sparring aspect of it was great. i then trained as a sparring partner to a fighter who practiced Enshin Karate who competed in several sabaki challenges. i was told that the Enshin karate was a spin off of Kyokushin. tiger shulman was also a Kyokushin champ before branching out on his own and i read actor dolph lungren was also of the Kyokushin style.>

Post: opariser1001:

yeah dolph was in the first kyokushin world tournament. he was 19 yrs. old and a brown belt at the time

i was also watching one of the other world tournaments…5th or 7th i dunno…but he was in that too doing a demonstration. he broke ice with a knifehand strike.>

Post: rnc:

i think the fight choreography in the dolph lungren version of the punisher was outstanding. low leg kicks in martial arts action movie are rarely seen. marco lala is another spawn of the Kyokushin style and from what i have heard a great champion. that style has certainly produced some great fighters. all i know is that when i trained in that style they had me sparring on my very first day. a friend of mine is a 2nd degree black belt in Kyokushin and his cousin who is a sensei in the style has ventured off into his own style, opened his own school and is now incorporating boxing, wrestling and multiple assailant training into his schools curriculum. sounds interesting.>

Post: surehit:

Kyokushin Karate is a very hard style with emphasis on full-contact sparring and developing endurance/stamina. They require their students to spar non-stop with many black belts for dan grading. It’s shocking just to think about their tough conditioning (not sure if all Kyokushin dojos practice the same thing though). I’ve sparred with a 6′ Swedish Kyokushin guy and he’s one tough hombre who can dish and take punches like no others. It can hardly be compared to the sportish WTF TKD nowadays in my own limited knowledge.

Here’s a site you might want to check out:>


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