Japanese vs Okinawan Goju


Japanese vs Okinawan Goju
Original Poster: DAT
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Posted On: 25-10-2004, 12:38

Orginal Post: DAT: What are some of the key differences between Japanese Goju as popularized by Peter Urban and Okinawan Goju as practiced by let’s say Morio Higaonna or Kent Moyer?

Maybe someone knows of a site that clarifies the differences?

Post: setsu nin to:

Japanese Goju ryu and Okinawa Goju ryu are same thing. Peter Urban learned Goju ryu from Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei knowen as Cat, maybe greatest Goju ryu Senseis and one of the mouse respected Japanese martial artists.
So I think that your question was diference between American Goju ryu and Japanese/Okinawa Goju ryu. Well everything started when Peter Urban asked Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei, after years of traning under him, if he can give him 10th dan and licence to teach Goju ryu in US and to become his represent in US. Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei denied him so Peter Urban go back to US and found there American Goju ryu Karate Do and give to himself 10th dan.
Moust of the techniques are same, but some of them were changed and some extra techniques were added during the time.>

Post: DAT:

Yes the correct question should be Okinawan Goju versus Urban’s USA Goju. Since the original post I have researched and attended some USA Goju. Urban has created an ecclectic Goju with kata from his own mind as well as some traditional. There are also quite a few Urban self defense combinations also created by the late grand master. Other than that it looks very much like the Cat’s stuff, melded with some Oyama influence and rounded out by Urban’s own creations.>

Post: setsu nin to:

Yes, you are right, base is same but some techniques are remuved from Gogen Yamaguchi Senseis Goju ryu and some new technique are added. Ofcourse that doesnt mean that Urbans Goju ryu is not good or that is better than Gogen Yamaguchi Senseis Goju ryu, it just mean that these are two diferent styles today.>


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