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shotokai n shotokan


shotokai n shotokan
Original Poster: shotokai
Forum: Japanese Martial Arts
Posted On: 06-04-2007, 07:18

Orginal Post: shotokai: i kno this may sound stupid cuz i wanna take shotokai to a fullest but maybe you guys can help me out ive been doin research on shotokai but wats the rwal diff between shokai an shotokan

Post: Hengest:

I’m no expert, so I’d recommend you carry on with your own research, but, as I understand it, the techniques of Shotokan and Shotokai are basically the same. The difference is in the execution, Shotokai placing emphasis on relaxing the muscles during application, only tensing at the moment of impact. Thus Shotokai tends to have a slightly more flowing look to it.>

Post: shotokai:

thanx now i think i get a better understanding of it now if i can find a shotokai school in my area>

Post: graham1:

Shotokai & Shotokan techniques have the same source, that of Funakoshi Gichin, but both styles evolved from that in the efforts of some of his students. Shigeru Egami took his training along the path of relaxed movement that continued after a strike landed, using the momentum of the technique to provide the ballistic effect. This led to the Shotokai system. Funakoshi’s son, Yoshitaka, assisted by his brother Yoshinao, developed their father’s style into a low & long stanced system designed to get under the high guard of the Okinawan kempo stylists, who generally beat all comers in full contact bouts. This was to assuage Japanese pride that was being severly dented in the 1930’s by their fighters getting beaten by people they considered as peasants. This led to two systems, Yoshinkan – the military version of Shotokan – and Shotokan itself.

(Sorry. I’ve updated my entry as it didn’t make plain who was responsible for which system.)>

Post: HereticAsian:

check out shotokai on wikipedia. The big difference sourcing from wikipedia is sparring. Funakoshi didn’t believe in sparring tournaments, shotokai took that believe, while shotokan took the sparring tournament route.>


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