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Kempo Gloves


Kempo Gloves
Original Poster: Kyorgi
Forum: Jeet Kune Do Jun Fan Bruce Lee Forums
Posted On: 12-02-2006, 01:03

Orginal Post: Kyorgi: I wanna get some Kempo Gloves so I can box my friends and grapple (even tho my grappling skills arnt quite up to par…shut up im in tkd!). I would use ufc style gloves but they seem like they dont offer enough padding if i just wanna mess around with my friends. So my question is, what is the padding on Kempo gloves like? Is it similar to boxing gloves (8 oz….10 oz…12…oz) ? Or are they just as bad (padding wise) and mma gloves.

Post: Kojiro_Musashi:

well kenpo gloves have a bit more padding ;P

but they seem at least for me to feel very restricting… i perfer the ufc style gloves and just hold back on my power a bit ;P

just google for pics and u can see the difference between the gloves>

Post: lssanjose:

boxing gloves will do for take downs and stuff. But yea, I”m with the prior poster, that MMA gloves with held back contact will do wonders. Besides the Kemp Gloves don’t have ENOUGH padding for hitting and finger placement is a joke. I wouldn’t recommend those gloves for anyone other than those who are bruce lee groupies.>

Post: zefff:

If you are on about these things I wouldnt bother:

Designs have evolved that are better than these nowadays. Fairtex do some really good sparring gloves but if you plan to grapple with pals and dont know squat I would at least study one or two of the key elements in the Instructional vids Oz posted.>


those gloves do look cool tho zeff…like some futureistic shit.>

Post: zefff:

Maybe Kempo gloves are something else but these are called Bong Sau gloves or Bruce Lee gloves here. Im not sure if Bruce Lee was involved in the design but you see him using them in enter the dragon and so the myth spread.

They are okay but a bit too bulky and stiff for me. Maybe I didnt use em long enough for them to soften up but they are expensive too. The good news is you can use em for all kinds of sparring including weapons but watch your finger tips as they are vulnerable. The straps are a bit fussy too with laces that take ages to do up and undo. They were good back in the day but Like I said, there are better designs about now for specific types of sparring.

Here are the Fairtex NHB sparring ones I was talking about. They have more padding across the knuckle than a regular NHB glove.>

Post: shurite44:

I have used them. They are nice, I had them modified with Velcro. The fingers tend to tear out fairly quickly. I never weighed them, I would say they feel about like an 8 or 10 oz boxing glove.

Not the best glove if you are going to be boxing vigorously. The fingers are a little dangerous around the eyes. :)>

Post: setsu nin to:

What I used as Kenpo gloves were gloves from first zefffs photo, not Fairtex ling. I used them for stick fighting and they were great.>

Post: bamboo:

Harbingers are also quite good for both striking and grappling.>


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