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Original Poster: lakan_sampu
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Posted On: 06-07-2004, 11:37

Orginal Post: lakan_sampu: hm.,.,.,.,.,.,.I wonder.,.,.,.

I think that a snapped “ball-of-the-foot” kick is more effective than a snapped instep one. I think that if you don’t like snappy ones, you can use instep. Whaddaya think guys? Hey, a kick to the head or just body? In general, what is more effective? I think its the one delivered to the body which is much less risky. What do you think?

Post: Ninja Kl0wn:

Kick with the shin bone, to the thigh.>

Post: lakan_sampu:

like a Thai… please,excluding that. I mean roundhouse kicks,those using the foot. sorry for the confusion but, I mean roundhouse kicks there….sorry. Anything else?how the hell do I place a pic here? I’ve tried that many times before, anyway….>

Post: Ninja Kl0wn:

Excluding Thai kicks? With the toe of the shoe (savate style), again to the thigh.>

Post: lakan_sampu:

how’s that? I think its awkward to kick with the toe of the shoe.. please elaborate.,.,.,.,.>

Post: The BadBoy:

Basically you got two types of kicks. Kicks with shoes and kicks without shoes. For kicks with shoes the thai style kick is probably your most effective. If you have shoes on then you can add to your game and start kicking savate style with the toe of the shoe, whats hard to understand, hit with the pointy bit.. Or say the heel when doing oblique kicks etc.>

Post: bamboo:

Hey, a kick to the head or just body?

IMHO, always below the waist, preferably at the knee. A trained person can easily read a high kick and counter, a fast strong kick to the knee can work wonders, especially if the person revieving it backs up on his ankle, locking his own knee.


Post: wuming:

I only like low kicks to the knees or leg traps. Preferrable I would rather not snap my leg when I kick. My school teaches to “push” the kick with your hips and glutes. This way you don’t damage your joints with snapping and you put the power of your whole body behind it.>

Post: dscott:

I personally think that you shouldn’t kick above the waist. Punch above the waist, kick below. Preferably to the knee or inner thigh. Bruce Lee once said that kicking to the head is like punching to the foot. Why?>

Post: zefff:


cos it looks great!!! 8) 8) 8)>

Post: dscott:

That’s what he said. All his kicks in the movies would never have been used in real life. They were just for the movies.>

Post: lakan_sampu:

I understand it now, wearing a shoe while kicking with the toe of it.hm…that’ a pretty new one for me..

so the roundhouse snap kick of traditional Karate do is a wrong thing? we’re always told to snap it to avoid being caught.

yeah, I like below of the waist kicks. although I would prefer some solid ones to the ribs to damage some ribs and the lung; also some to the diaphgram.to the groin..of course if it its open.>

Post: asag2:

I like that Bruce Lee quote, i never heard that before.

I wholeheartedly agree with that. Aside from the fact that an experienced fighter can read that from a mile away, i find it limits you to what you can do. Sticking to punching above the waist and kicking below allows you to incorporate better combos, IMO.>

Post: kranker66:

Sticking to punching above the waist and kicking below allows you to incorporate better combos, IMO.

:arrowu: ‘asag’…That’s a great point! I had not thought of that. I’m going to work that idea-‘kicks below, strikes above’. It’s simple and effective. Thanks again. :D
( The :idea: has now come on.)


Post: bajanmaster:

I was drawn to this post since I do capoeira. Well a kick above the waist can me very effective. I’m six feet and they are people in my class that are 5ft 6in, I can kick them in there ribs very easily and with more power than the knee.

Also, how about kicks like a Meia-Lua?>

Post: confusingDot:

i disagree that to always kick low and punch high. lots of times you can busy them with your punch, and then add in a kick. it’s a surpise, and also cause they only ahve two arms to block, and you ahve three weapons attacking. plus another reason to kick high, is cause your legs ARE more powerful then your arms. and it cannot be that kicking high is like punching to the feet. The head of course is more of a main target because of hte damage tah tyou can do to it. Also the legs have more range. Leg’s joint is near the center fo the body, so it is able to attack high and low, but the arm’s joint only allow them to attack high, and higher. It may be slower attack, and may be able to be read, but remember waht i said “you can busy them with your punch”.

and i agree, either toe or shin tot he thigh.>

Post: Fenix:

[quote=”li_siao_lung” hm.,.,.,.,.,.,.I wonder.,.,.,.

I think that a snapped “ball-of-the-foot” kick is more effective than a snapped instep one. quote  Yes I do agree with you that kicking with the ball of the foot to be more effective than the instep, but shin is still the superior striking tool out of all of these.>

Post: aka:

With the heel and to the knee to take out the vertical base.>

Post: wuming:

But, kicking high also leaves you in a very vulerable position…

I think you should only kick high when the time is right. I know this sounds vague, but it is the only way for me to say what I am thinking. Basically you should be very sensitive to your opponent and the situation and not just kick high at any given opportunity. You should be 100% sure that the kick is correct for the situation or else you could pay for the mistake dearly.>

Post: confusingDot:

LOL, i tottally agree “I think you should only kick high when the time is right. “, as with EVERYTHING, you should only do it when the time is right. and on can never be 100% sure that the kick is correct for the situation. i never said how often the kick should be used, but i don’t think it should leave your arsenal. and every move can leave you in a very vulnerable situation, like after a normal jab, if you leave your arm stretched out, then nasty stuff can happen to you (also depending on what the opponenet might know). unless you’re saying that since you’re never 100% sure, that the time is never right, so that you hsould never use it???>

Post: wuming:

Yeah, I see now how my post kind of makes me sound like captain obvious; but, I was just trying to emphasize the fact that a high kick can leave you alot more open than alot of other offensive menouver’s can.

As a Pa Kua fighter, I am not too keen on lifting my leg up too high becuase it inhibits my ability to move since stepping is most important to my style. My feet need to be constantly moving, and a high kick would comprimise my ability to utilize my footwork.>

Post: kemaro:

hmm.. what’s a Meia-lua??

hmm.. i think a fast kick to the mid-section or a kick in the shin can be pretty useful..

when you use your shin to kick does it hurt?? i mean how could you stand to kick using your shin, it’s really painful, you know… :?:>

Post: confusingDot:

yeah, you get use to it, not saying tha I HAVE, but i’m trying to get there. just train ont he heavy bag alot.>

Post: kemaro:

well I think that its unsafe to kick in the thigh using the shin… I mean if i have a background in thai boxing and i know the counters…I’d just raise my knee and *poof* your shin is reduced to splintered twigs! the safest way is to kick in the calves…I’ve seen it in sakuraba vs gracie where sakuraba gained the title “gracie killer”…>

Post: confusingDot:

sorry… what was it that you saw in sakuraba vs gracie?

I don’t think that in any way you shin becomes splintered twigs after they blokc your kick. unless you’re that guy in that one video where he breaks his leg. I think the opposite would have happened even if he was just the guy lifting the knee. your shins can get to a point in which hthey can endure alot.

I can’t really know who he was figthing but Ernesto Hoost went against this guy who was pretty much all punches, and all he did was keep kicking him in the thigh, and after a while, the boxer just went down.>

Post: kemaro:

think about it.. when your shin at full force accidentally hits the knees, they may different possibilities… either you suffer from terrible pain because of the impact, your shin be broken of the impact or both..
i saw a fight once in k-1 that ended when the fighter delivered a kick to his opponent then his opponent just countered it by raising his leg.. His shin hit the leg of his opponent then went down.. the fight ended there because the fighter can’t continue anymore, he can’t even stand properly…>

Post: confusingDot:

using the word “accidently” USUALLY implies (i don’t know if it is true this time) that it is a low probability. The choices we make are alwasy to low probability cost, and low cost, and high probability beneifit and high benefit. As in most fights you see, the vast majority… VAST majority of kicks using the shin to the thigh are successful and/or without harm to the kicker.

when you viewed the possibilities you said the two occurances that could happen is that the shin breaks, and/or causes great pain to the shin. To compare probability of a shin breaking, out of all fights i’ve watched, to succesful shin kicks to thigh (means not blocked, byt he knee or anythign else), one to a number too numerous for me to remember. to compared probability of too much pain caused to the shin, out of all th fights i’ve watched and heard about, to succesful shin kicks to thigh, one (from you) to a number too numerous for me to remember. All of the accounts i have heard and seen point toward the probability of you getting hurt from using your shin to thigh are way too minimal, and the benefit to me seems too great.

you CAn train so taht shin to knee does not hurt you. and the probability of your shin breaking is EXTREMELY minimal.

p.s. knee can break because of impact as well>

Post: kemaro:

if you say so..
i’m saying that there will always be a chance of your shin breaking when you use it.. but if you train kicking using your shin then use it..
i’m just trying to say that just to be safe i’m prefer using other parts…>


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