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Combat Hapkido


Combat Hapkido
Original Poster: chiguy
Forum: Korean Martial Arts
Posted On: 26-12-2006, 06:21

Orginal Post: chiguy: Can anyone please give me their honest opinions of Combat Hapkido. Thanks.

Post: bamboo:

Well, I’ve only seen one place and it was the same old forms and non resistant drills as any other art practiced with the underlying notion that sparring is somehow innappropriate. It was one of those places where all the instructors were grossly out of shape and emphasis was placed on “killing” blows but no real hard contact.

That being said, one visit to one place cannot cover the entire spectum of hapkidio dojangs.


Post: chiguy:

My two children were taking classes from a 5th Dan in Combat Hapkido. The master is in his fifties and is a bit over weight, but he has extensive knowledge in the martial arts, not just Hapkido. He also had two other 1st Dans that were both excellent.>

Post: bamboo:

Regardless of the dan ranking, if the practice methods are subpar then the people being turned out will be subpar once they leave the system and try to actually employ thier skills.

I know 5th dans that are complete garbage, heck, we have a “sifu” in my city cough..fangshendo..cough that talks prety tough that I’m fairly certain that lowly I could take.

There is also a grappling club with a very unfortunate name that turns out better martial artists at 3rd kyu then most 2-3rd dans i’ve had the pleasure of playing with on the mats.

Anyway, my point is, look to the practice methods and how they fare outside the dojo environment to see how good the school is.

BTW- A little overweight is no big deal, I meant GROSSLY out of shape.



Post: Galaknore:

I have been to a combat hapkido seminar here in Colorado. For the most part it was very informative and I picked up some new techniques. The guy’s name was Grandmaster Pelligrini I think. It was also in correlation with CQC stuff so, but overall the techniques were effective. Like bamboo said, it depends upon where you go.>

Post: graham1:

Go on, Bamboo. What’s the grappling club called? Eh? Eh? Eh? Go on! Tell us! :D>

Post: bamboo:

“ninja ryu”. But they have awsome grapplers.>

Post: Hengest:

[quote=bamboo “ninja ryu”[/quote 

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I’m assuming that by “awesome” you mean totally sweet?>


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