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TTai Chuan tao is a combination of Tae Kwan Do and 8 Kung Fu styles. It was created by Cheng Lu,A comrade of Choi Hong Hi and one of his reps to Taiwan for TKD.The footage is from 1983 at a demonstration I put on for the north end youth agency in New Bedford,MA. I am a Black Belt in Tai Chuan Tao and teach it at my studio. For more information,go to www.kenpojoe.comhis Tai Chuan Tao Sai form is based on the movements of the Swang cha [Double forks/tridents”). The form utilizes the hooking,slashing and ripping action not normally associated with the okinawan version of the weapon.Note the distinct blend of chinese footwork and Chinese/korean kicking techniques. The form is performed by David Collins.
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