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Previously on Joe Jonas Love Story:
Current score with our femme fatale 1=1. Joe rendezvoused with Andrea explaining the unexplained. With Andrea back in the game, Miranda steps in the ring too. In this competition there are no ties, there can only be one winner. Who will it be? We left off with everybody at the bowling center.

ANDREA: Damien and I will get the shoes, you guys get ready. Sizes?
(Andrea & Damien went to get their bowling shoes)
ANDREA: I’m screwed! I don’t know how to bowl.
DAMIEN: I know. You suck!
ANDREA: Not helping! What will I do?
DAMIEN: The only thing you can do, you can use your weakness to your advantage.
ANDREA: (smiles) I like where you’re going at.

(They both giggled about their plan. Looks like Andrea is ahead of her game. Damien doing the things that he do best, he got all the shoe sizes right except for one person.)

DAMIEN: Here you go.
(They all put their shoes on)
MIRANDA: It won’t fit, It’s a 5. I thought I said 6.
DAMIEN: They ran out of 6 so I got you a 5.
MIRANDA: what about 7?
ANDREA: I got the last pair. Sorry.
MIRANDA: I’m sure you are.
ANDREA: (Starting her evil plan with her sexy voice on) Joe, can you help me? It’s my first time to bowl.
DAMIEN: (winked at Andrea)
JOE: It’s your lucky day. Coach Danger at your service.

(Joe got behind Andrea, she can feel his warm breath in her cheeks. His hand on hers, Andy thought that doing something you don’t know can be the best thing you ever did. Watching Andy & Joe, Miranda plans her next move with her tiny shoes on. Kevin on the other hand ordered some food and lemonade, water for Nick, and Damien ordered himself a frozen margarita.)

DAMIEN: I’ll pay for the margarita.
NICK: It’s ok D. We got it.
DAMIEN: thanks.
KEVIN: SO! Shall we start the game?

(They started the game, as expected Andrea sucked. She scored a couple of points, but apparently not enough. It was a close fight though, Andrea sucked on her team and Damien threw like a girl. After the game, Miranda went for a celebratory hug, Joe even lifted Miranda up. Heads up Andrea, Miranda’s on the move.)

ANDREA: Let’s just eat.
NICK: Sounds good. I’m starving.
KEVIN: (Stomach grumbling) I guess I don’t have to say anything, that says it all.
DAMIEN: (cracking up a joke) Please don’t eat me!
(They all laughed. Miranda sat next to Joe, Andrea pretended that she lost her balance and fell on Joe’s lap. Another point for team Andy.)
JOE: Aw, I don’t have my Santa outfit on.
ANDREA: Sorry…. I’m so clumsy. (She moved over to Joe’s left side)

(With Joe in the middle of both girls he was feeling a little awkward. Nick & Kevin saw the tension between Miranda & Andrea. They all started to eat.)

ANDREA: (eating a handful of chicken wings and fries)
DAMIEN: (tries to kick some sense to Andrea who was eating a little too much. Instead of kicking Andrea under the table he accidentally kicked Joe.)
DAMIEN: I’m so sorry…….. I…….. I…… felt something crawling up on my legs. It’s gone now.
JOE: Ok? (Turns his attention to Andrea) You sure have an appetite. Good to know that you’re not one of those “other” girls who only eat crackers.
ANDREA: What can I say, I’m different.
JOE: One of the many things I like about you.

(Miranda tried to shift Joe’s attention to her by eating more. Luckily for her, Joe noticed. He wasn’t the only one who noticed, Andrea decided to put the pedal to the metal, She got more chicken wings. Another battle begins, Who eats the most? Who knows, but I have my money on Andy. As these girls chowed down, Kevin decided to try their infamous SUPER SPICEH chicken wings.)

KEVIN: (Panicking) HAWT!!! (Grabbed The Coldest drink he could find, bottoms up Kev) aaahhhh….. *Sigh*
DAMIEN: Kevin? Are you alright?
KEVIN: I’m good, I’m sorry. Whose drink was that?
DAMIEN: uuuhhhmm…. it was mine
KEVIN: (his eyes widened, he realized that Damien was the one who ordered alcohol) What?!
NICK: (made the cutest noise ever, he accidentally sneezed in front of them) Excuse me.
JOE: Nick, Manners. Next time cover your —
NICK: (Another cute sneeze!!)………….. Excuse………me—(Another one…) I’m sorry.

(Looks like Nick’s spreading the ‘virus’ that he’s sick. Poor Kevin, drinking alcohol? Hhhmmmm…. Maybe they should just order water next time. Andrea & Miranda had an un-proclaimed war, a very yummy war. Turns out Miranda can’t handle Andrea’s appetite. Little Joe still clueless about what’s going on. Score: Andy=3, Miranda=2. I wonder what’s gonna happen next.)

Next: Kevin goofing around, and meets a new girl? Nick is not the only one who got sick, and Miranda scores big time.

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