Fight like a uncaged beast!


Powerbuilding training for fighters

I want to fight like a BEAST – Who’s with me!

My favorite action hero as a kid has always been the Hulk – a True MONSTER.
Then they came out with the new movies Hulk Movies and I was hook, line and sinker all over again.

The hulk is…

  • Powerful
  • Raw
  • Strong
  • HUGE
  • Athletic
  • And can whoop some a__

But, without the super green gamma rays – how do we get like the Hulk?

In order to achieve hulk-like power in a human body, we need to focus on the movements and exercises that are going to give us that strong powerful body and the exercises that are going to pack on pounds of muscle and strength.

The gym or weight training exercises we are going to focus on are:

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Overhead Press
  • Explosive Hang Cleans
  • Explosive Snatches
  • Dips (weighted if you can)
  • Pullups (weighted if you can)
  • Russian Barbell Twists (core/abs)
  • Decline Situps with Weight (core/abs)

Along with that – we want to perform FUNCTIONAL Athletic exercises. The strongest Hulk-like Athletes in the world are Strongman. Strongman focus on the core strength training lifts above; but also supplement their training with: (examples)

  • Sled Drags
  • Car Push
  • Tire Flipping
  • Sandbag Loading
  • Log Press
  • Farmers Walks
  • Etc

But – overall…

Forget the fancy little concentration curls or dumbbell flies or any other sissy movements. We need to go big, heavy, basic and STRONG.

How do you put these together in a routine? Well that’s kind-of the tricky part.

Personally, one of my favorite programs to follow is Hybrid Strongman by Elliot Hulse. It is a strongman strength training program geared toward athletes and fighters. Using hardcore exercises like kegs pressing, farmers walks, sandbags, etc not only elicited the physiological response of increased strength and fat loss, but mental and emotional strengthening due to the sheer intensity of this underground style of training.

Here was my routine just last night focusing on leg power motions.

  • Heavy Trap Bar Deadlifts
    • 3 warmup sets (5 reps)
    • 6 workings sets (5 reps, adding weight each rep)
  • TRX Single Leg Squats
    • 4 sets – 8 reps each leg
  • Metabolic Conditioning Circuit
    • 6 Rounds of…
      • Hang Cleans x 12
      • Box Jumps x 12

It was a great circuit that destroyed me.

If you are just starting out – there are two options.

One, get plan from someone who knows what they’re doing – and my favorite guy on this subject is Elliot Hulse from Lean Hybrid Muscle. The dude gets it and he knows how to make you strong, big and healthy. It works for me!!!

Elliot also just released the: 7 Secrets to Help You Pack On Dense Ripped Muscle

He also has the Hybrid Strongman Book too (highly recommended) Simple, easy to follow strength training.

The other option – figure it out yourself over time. (This ideas sucks)

Train Hard!
Matt Bryers


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