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Instense Martial Arts Workout – Squats, Abs, and Macebell Training


Street Fighting Takedown

If you practice martial arts, one thing you should always be doing is improving your strength, stamina and endurance. When it comes to a fight, this can be the DIFFERENCE between winning or losing.

In this martial arts workout video, I will show you a crazy martial arts workout that takes things to a whole new level. This is definitely one of my favorite strength and training workouts for martial arts.

Straight off the bat you can see that I start off with 10 reps of squats. If you are unsure about what weight you should use, then a handy guide is 15 RM. This is a good starting point until you get a feel for it.

If you suffer from a bad neck or shoulders then don’t fear, as I suggest you try something called a yoke bar. I have a bad neck and shoulder injury and the yoke allows me to rest the bar lower on my back.

After you have done that go on to the next exercise, which is…mace swings! Yep, these are pretty brutal, but are an essential exercise for any serious martial artist. Do 20 swings of these, with 10 in each direction, and then move on to…

GHR situps! No slowing down here. Bust out 10 reps of these and let your abs know who is boss.

After you have done all of this, go back to the first exercise and start again. Aim to do 10 rounds of this workout or see how many you can do in 20 minutes. Good luck!

Many of my workout ideas come from Elliot Hulse and his Lean Hybrid Muscle Program as well as his Strongman Training program. I strongly suggest you check out his series.


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