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A Short History Of The Garrotte


A Short History Of The Garrotte
Original Poster: vladimir
Forum: Martial Arts Weapons
Posted On: 05-09-2005, 23:58

Orginal Post: vladimir:

Is The Garrotte a Legitimate Self-Defense Tool?

Some people have a heavy opinion on this issue. They have opinions as to the legitimacy of the garrotte as a tool of self-preservation. Others have strong opinions as to the definition of “garrotte.”


In the illustration above you can see the finishing position of what Applegate describes. The right hand is INSIDE the loop, when the loop is pulled tight around the neck and your hand, a fist is made with the open hand then the fist is cranked counterclockwise. Much like a stick in a tourniquet. The palm is open and oriented UP, then closed into a fist and oriented DOWN.

What Colonel Applegate was describing was the method and weapon of the ancient Thugee Cult of India. This is where we get our slang word of “thug.” The word “Thug” comes from the Hindi verb, “thaglana,” which means, “to deceive.”

I do not know if the garrotte described above contained a rupee or not. There is another line of thought that there was more than one way to strangle with a scarf [rumal . And that was, a rupee or rupees [coins  were tied into the end of the scarf to give it weight so it could be thrown around the neck and then the strangle was initiated. In fact, more than a line of thought, there is proof of this from the period of British Occupation of India when the British suppressed the Thugee Cult and executed and imprisoned thousands of Thugs.


Post: setsu nin to:

Garotte, wow thats great (discousion, not Garotte), it wasnt discoused before here…

To answer your question, yes its legitime. Garotte is general term, there are many diferent cainds of Garotte, from simple rope or belt to one with all wooden construction… but these simple variations are legitime in my oppinion.>

Post: setsu nin to:

BTW, is there any more of the article? OOr do you have some good link?>

Post: vladimir:

[quote=setsu nin to BTW, is there any more of the article? OOr do you have some good link?[/quote>

Post: setsu nin to:

I belive that there is connection between Rumal and Garotte, actualy in my oppinion Garotte was developed from Rumal. Do you know something about it?>

Post: Tease T Tickle:

The garotte is not a good self-defense tool. It’s a good murder tool. It’s a subtle difference, but still a difference.>


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