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crystals, telekinesis and martial arts


crystals, telekinesis and martial arts
Original Poster: bamboo
Forum: McDojo Dicussion
Posted On: 25-05-2004, 18:08

Orginal Post: bamboo:

I can’t tell if its a joke or not.


Post: …formless…:

“Designed for the martial artist, security consultant, and the military, the BSRIE-RImartial arts version enables the martial artist to practice all his repertoire of techniques in Psi-space and use the power of the BSRIE to manifest these attacks against the enemy using the power of the Matrix to make the blows manifest in the target?s body.”

Oh I just love it when the arts utilize the POWER OF THE MATRIX! :lol: I also love practicing in Psi-space…its wonderful and you should all try it some time.

This is a lot like that Yellow Bamboo place that teaches people how to scream at someone else and make them fall down. Although it would seem impossible to me that these sorts of scams actually get big enough suckers to fall for their ludicrous claims, somehow they do. Its just another sad day in the MA world>

Post: bamboo:

I guess the power crystals would work if you get a big enough one and throw it at someone… :roll:

-bamboozled (and shocked at the stupidity of the modern consumer that fall for this crap)>

Post: Gong||Jau:

[quote=McWebsite Developing Voodoo philipino and Chinese psychic martial arts to a new level RIMartial Arts, the new system of martial arts enables RI of the enemy to disable them. Since the attack occurs using RI any enemy can be attacked anywhere on the planet ? remotely.[/quote 

It’s the next evolution of Yellow Bamboo! Seriously, though, what the hell does he mean by Chinese Psychich Martial Arts?>

Post: setsu nin to:

I dont know why, but I cant open that link :x>

Post: bamboo:


You need a special crystal! :lol: :lol: :lol:


Post: Stg:

oh my gravy….SEX MAGICK!>

Post: setsu nin to:

I still cant open it :x

Is that about healing cristals?>

Post: bamboo:

Sestsu- just for you, a cut and paste from the web site:

Psycrystals Instructions
The PC?s work without any external input. For full effect they need only be placed in the owner?s energy field (3? maximum in normal situations). To use the PC?s just wear the one you wish to use for effect.

Psychic Protection PC
For total psychic protection place the PPPC in your pocket, handbag or under your pillow. The PPPC converts all psychic attack RI and negative entities into energy you can use to make you younger, healthier, wealthier, etc. It is important you keep the PPPC in your energy field for full protection at all times. The PPPC is proof against all forms of psychic attack and RS unless you are a member of Western Intelligence, where the reverse will happen.

RV and psychic powers PA
The RV and psychic powers PA should be in the aura of the owner when they RView and Rsense. It amplifies the owner?s feeble biophysical field to enable the user to use the RV and RI protocols in my RV and RS courses, see psiopsmanagement. Since all my top level RS and RV depends on PMS Biophysical Augmented Intelligences, biophysical AI?s, the RV and RS adept must have a RV PC to access PMSBAI?s as used in the courses, no access is possible by any other means. PMSBAI?s superboost the biophysical energy of the user to enable RV and RS of any protected person or entity, etc.

Love PC
The Love PC should be in the owner?s aura when meeting potential partners, lovers, etc. as the PC synergistically boosts the positive feelings the owner projects at the potential partner, lover, etc. The love projected at the potential partner embeds in the biotronic, bioplasmic and bioinformational field of the person to be charmed. This energy is configured to turn the biophysical field of the potential partner etc. to mirror the love projected at them by the PC so they become enchanted by the owner?s aura.

Luck PC
The Luck PC should be worn when the owner is carrying out any business or investing in the Stock Markets, betting, gambling, travelling, etc. The Luck PC converts the negative memetic paths set to ensnare you by negative entities into energy to feed your Luck PC. This energy can then be used to create positive memetic paths where things go right for you ? you become lucky.

Health PC
The Health PC should be worn when you are exercising to boost the effects of exercise; when slimming to amplify weight loss; when giving up drugs such as cigarettes, alcohol etc., to fight off the negative meme you are possessed by; when sleeping to make the healing process of sleep rejuvenate you; when ill to boost your immune system.

Antiaging PC
The Antiaging PC should be worn on the person for effect especially when under stress or at work as this the time where aging increases. For detailed RI of antiaging look elsewhere on the site.

Money PC
The Money PC should be worn when entering any bank, building society, insurance company, or any business dealing with money. The Money PC sucks money energy from these establishments so all your business deals are improved. This energy is needed to become rich, so the more power you have the more chance you have of manifesting your dream of becoming rich. My new book RV and RS for Managers can help you channel this money energy to make you money. The gold meme Power Ring is recommended for hard nosed businessmen and entrepreneurs who wish to get ahead at any cost.

The Seven PC?s can be combined to form the BTRI system, details on this site. Remember energy is needed for RI ? how do you get it? The only way is with PA?s, that is why I sell the BTRI PA?s to the public. If you have no energy you cannot RI. is the only company to point out all these obvious facts which all USA companies run by the CIA, DIA, etc have deliberately overlooked. Energy means power to RI…>

Post: setsu nin to:

That sound crazy to me…>

Post: TigerPaw:

“All customers need to be martial arts experts who know the difference between a round house, backward round house, karate punch, wing chun punch, etc as intimate knowledge of these teaching techniques is assumed.”


What the hell is a “Wing chun punch” and a “Karate Punch” ? Sure I can imagine it has something to do with the punch favored in those styles, as in “vertical” and “Horisontal”, But.. What the? -_->

Post: Gong||Jau:

I assume they mean a reverse punch and the sort of straight punch seen in Siu Nim Tao?>

Post: wuming:


Do these guys live in a freakin’ RPG?>


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