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DAMAG-INC Panantukan 101 Gunting demo


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This is sort of a literal translation in motion of Bruce Lee’s “Way Of The Intercepting Fist”[Jeet Kune Do Concepts*] as practiced in the Filipino Martial Arts of Arnis, Kali, Escrima, Kuntao, Silat etc.
While still basically on the topic of Combining footwork with unarmed fighting entries from the right-hand punch feed, I couldn’t pass up the open window to include the techniques in the manner of “Simultaneous attack and defense” in FMA terms known as “Gunting”.

“Gunting” is a word commonly known in the Tagalog language as “scissors”. As a FMA term, Gunting is a verb pertaining to a certain body motion and relating to cutting with the scissors.

As a reult, the English translation meaning “limb-destructions” by attacking the attacking, or incoming limb whether it be a punch, kick, grab, etc. with it’s purpose being to incapacitate or destroy.

Can you DIG IT!
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