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My last fight…(link)


My last fight…(link)
Original Poster: Muay_Thai_MGM
Forum: Muay Thai Boxing – Thai Martial Arts
Posted On: 27-02-2007, 18:15

Orginal Post: Muay_Thai_MGM: This was my last fight in July.

I’m looking for constructive criticism…any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

The guy I fought supposedly had way more experience than me, but was a little rusty. He was tough, that’s for sure.

Let me know what you think.

Post: zefff:

Which one are you mate? Are you the guy who lost? Looks like you were giving away everything. Weight, height, reach, youth maybe and experience! Fairplay for getting in there. That must of hurt! Everyone loses in a mismatch, The crowd, both fighters, everyone!

I dont know anything about MT, other people will know better but you looked like a straight kickboxer in there rather than Muay Thai. Mind you, what is MT nowadays with all the modified stuff going around its far from what I used to see back in the day. Anyway if you are the guy with the black headguard, you need a high guard ASAP! Your low guard is the reason you got clocked and continued to suffer. Secondly your movement needs addressing. Look at how the red guy advanced right from the start and look at how you advanced. He had good base and was upright while you had a little skip going on. This habit makes you feel light on your feet but makes you easy to knock off of your feet, especially in a small ring where you cannot be evasive. Its a bad habit for MT I think. Stop hopping and skipping like that. Thirdly your weight distribution is off IMHO. You need to put it on the back foot, not forward like it was. This is another factor that ruined your defences as well as rendered your attacks not very effective. Look at how you setup your kicks – you skip, step, chamber then kick. This is way to much extra balast you need to be rid of! You need to sit back in a good upright base with your centre set back more over your hips. Lastly what was your prefight strategy to overcome the bigger man, did you have one? Your low guard would have always been your downfall but I didnt see you set up a single round kick.


Post: The BadBoy:

Site is blocked from work, but i will take a look when I get home tonight and try to give yo soem good feedback. All the respect in the world for getting in there, especially if it was a mismatch as Zeff said.>

Post: bamboo:

Respect for getting in the ring AND posting it here.

Zefff summed it up pretty good, to me it was all in your movement. Too much backing up and not enough getting out of the way to better position yourself for a counter attack. Remember- a person advancing can always move faster than a person backing up.

On the plus, you now have that much more experience to work from.

Again, much respect for getting in the ring.


Post: Muay_Thai_MGM:

Sorry, I should have made that clear in my first post!

The main criticisms I rec’d from one of our instructors is I tend to move out of range, so I can’t counter attack in time. For instance, if someone throws a kick and instead of checking the kick I scoot back, which puts me out of range for a quick counter.

If you watch Buakaw, he’s the master of this. He will evade a kick or punch just enough so that he’s in prime counter striking position. I know I’ll never be anywhere near Buakaw, but it’s something I need to work on.

Oh, and the guy I fought was from the same Academy but he trains during the day and I train at night so we don’t know eachother. We agreed beforehand that we wouldn’t hold back and would treat it as a “fight”. He’s been training on and off for 15 years, and I’ve been training for 2 now. So he had the experience over me…he’s also an RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified), so I imagine he would be strong in the clinch. I also train w/ Kettlebells, so it would have been interesting. We were the same weight, I’m taller of course you can see that.

He said after that headkick that landed his vision was a little blurry and his legs were wobbly. Our instructors said they were actually worried for me, he looks real good on the pads, he’s in good shape, had the edge in experience…but they said he must get nervous because he didn’t look like himself. I would fight him again, and I’m sure it would be much better. It’s hard to find fights around here!>

Post: bamboo:

“The main criticisms I rec’d from one of our instructors is I tend to move out of range, so I can’t counter attack in time.”

Just what i meant and then some.>

Post: zefff:

Oops!!! You won???!!!….so what are you worrying about!!! 😀

Seriously though, you outclassed him bigtime IMO. If you need to work on anything now it is relaxing more and mixing high/low, punch/kick combinations.>

Post: bamboo:

LOL, I was looking at the other guy as well!

Still, footwork footwork footwork!>

Post: Muay_Thai_MGM:

Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it.

Like Bamboo said, I need to work on footwork. This has always been an area of concern for me.

Does anybody know of some good footwork drills? Any help would be greatly appreciated.>


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