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what’s the differences


what’s the differences
Original Poster: BLACK PANTA
Forum: Muay Thai Boxing – Thai Martial Arts
Posted On: 19-02-2007, 21:59

Orginal Post: BLACK PANTA: between Savate, American Kickboxing and Muay Thai? Is

Post: Gazelle:

Is American kickboxing, simply kickboxing??? If it is, i can actually answer that one. Just on the offshot it is, here you are…

Muay Thai is centred entirely on fullcontact, while kickboxing can be either full or light (semi and continuous).

When sparring, the rules in muay thai allow knees and elbows, the rules in kickboxing, well, at least the ones we went by, do not.

As far as the syllabus goes, and some of the training methods, i don’t think they’re all that different, minus, i’m not sure whether muay thai really does any training for semi contact at all, where as, at least when i was training, kickboxing tends to be more focussed on the semi in class.

Also, i’m not sure what self-defense they do in muay thai…i know in our syllabus, for the higher belts there was a few self-defense techniques borrowed from other styles…great fun, though as far as i saw, the number of them was limited. Though, i do believe the amount increased for higher dan gradings.>

Post: Ninja Kl0wn:

Savate is a purely european kickboxing style with completely different striking mechanics than muay Thai. Also, competition is done wearing shoes, so toe kicks to soft targets and kicks to the shin with the edge of the shoe are popular. Knees and elbows are not allowed, and there is no clinching. Savate striking is more precision based as opposed to muay thai’s raw power baseball bat like kicks. Savate strategy is more evasion, deception, and countering. Thai is more break, beat, and batter to a pulp.

Compare that highlight to the muay thai matches you’ve seen.>


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